Aqara Smart Motion Sensor Now Sale on Gearbest in Flash Sale at $5.99 From August 20th


The Smart-Home Xiaomi eco-system is a great way to make your home even more comfortable. Today, a new gadget from the series – the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Motion Sensor – appeared on sale at Gearbest. A new sensor for doors, windows, drawers, paintings, all kinds of things you want to protect. In the event of attempting to transfer things, tilts, vibrations to the central unit, information will be sent about the necessity to activate the alarm scene.

The new sensor has a very compact size 36 mm x 36 mm x 9 mm, it is in the shape of a square with rounded edges. The housing is made of ABS plastic to withstand a fall to the floor. Just like all other sensors, the new one also has a double-sided tape attached.

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The sensor can be glued to any surface and if we arm it (turn it on) then in case of detecting a threat the alarm procedure will start, which I mentioned above. The CR2032 battery is powered, the cost in Poland is around 4 PLN.

The size of the sensor is only 3.60 x 3.60 x 0.90 cm, which is comparable to a matchbox. This is an amazing feature for the motion sensor, because the smaller its size, the more convenient and practical it is to use. Weight is only 11 grams. Due to such dimensions, it is easy to install in any place and on any surface. The case is made of ABS plastic, which can withstand falling to the floor from a small height.

To pair the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor with your smartphone, you need to open the Mijia App application, press “+” and click on the “Add device” column. Next, select the motion sensor from the list. Then find the button on the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor, press and hold it for 5 seconds until the blue indicator lights up. That’s all! The device is ready for use.

If the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor falls or slips over the surface, the sensor notifies you about this by vibration on the smartphone. The sensor is powered by a regular CR2032 battery, which lasts for two years of continuous operation.

With the help of an accurate accelerometer, the sensor Aqara Smart Motion Sensor is able to detect the movement of objects in the room. In this case, he notifies the user with a sound signal and a message to the smartphone.

Right now, the price of a Xiaomi Aqara Smart Motion Sensor is $25. However, from August 20 to August 26, the Gearbest will sell and you will be able to buy Aqara Smart Motion Sensor for only $5.99. Sounds interesting, does not it?


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