Are you facing heating problems with your Xiaomi Mi5!?Read here the solution


Xiaomi Mi5 is a device that we all expected to appear for quite some time and now that we got it, we realize that the device has some heating issues. Heating issues is a quite common problem for users of the phone. Many users are complaining about the heating, while watching videos, while charging the phone, while using GPS, or even while playing games.


What is usually said by these users…phone is very hot even with no extra apps working or when watching videos or using camera or GPS, temperature is like 55-65 degrees or during boot up it heated up a lot and took a lot of time at the “Loading apps” screen, plugged it into charger and found that mi5 was overheating again reaching 50 degrees Celsius and above or without using it at all or the phone heats up while clicking photos too.

Now that we know what users usually say, let’s see what is the most common reason of these heating problem

  1. Quick Charge 2.0 charger or 3.0 charger?

Xiaomi’s Mi 5 supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology but the company decided to bring only the QC 2.0 charger. Why has Xiaomi decided that? The answer is that with such fast compression of the battery, the heating will be even more than what it is already. Perhaps you get your mobile faster charged, but it will be difficult to hold it at that time. It is also advised to use better the standard QC 2.0 charger shipped in the box, from a QC 3.0 charger that you might had specifically bought for this phone

2. Software Update – check what version rom you have

Always check for improvements and fixes in new rom, as they could help you with heating issues. Also, always use original rom, no custom, as many times it can be installed inside bloatware that could cause these heating issues.

3. If problems still remains

If your Mi5 heats too much, despite all your efforts, contact Xiaomi’s HQ or Service Center.  Xiaomi has some replacement policy in place for those who have issues and want to replace their Mi 5 with a new unit because of the issues they are facing.


Xiaomi ditched Snapdragon 810 for its flagship and had come up with the Mi 5 with Snapdragon 820 with one of the reasons being – there will be lesser issues of heating. But if that is still happening and you are not happy about it – don’t ignore it.


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