Are you ready to fly with the Wltoys F949 RC Airplane to the sky!?


Wltoys is a well known company for it’s well design drones, cars at proportion with the real stuff. All of them are of best quality and design. One of these is and the Wltoys F949, a miniature of a Cessna Airplane. You have to look at it and see how good it fly!

The WLToys F949 is designed according to Cessna-182, we have already mentioned. The copy of the plane is that good, that you can easily imagine flying with it! It is made out of EPP composite material, very flexible, very hard to break. The F949 comes with a wingspan of 500mm, that is half meter which is not small at all! The fuselage length is about 393mm and the height about 132mm.

The F949 uses 3 coreless motor combination to lift off the ground and fly after that into a distance of 200 meters. Better to use it outdoor, as it can be more easily controlled. It can fly for about 25 min when it has a fully charged battery. The battery that the airplane uses is a 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po Battery that needs about 40-60 min to fully charge. The transmitter used for controlling the airplane functions at 2.4GHz and in order to operate will need 6 x AA batteries which are not included in the package.

The airplane, mainly due to it’s size, is suitable for 14+ kids, so have it in mind. Despite that, the F949 is suitable for beginners and intermediate users. The transmitter used is model 2 (Left hand throttle).

The Wltoys F949, as you can see and in the video above, is a really good airplane, very good miniature of the real Cessna, ready to fly. Tomtop has it in Flash Sales for some time more, so hurry up to get it at only 26.69$!


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