ARM Presents Cortex-A77, Mali-G77 and ML Processor


The UK specialist in mobile architectures ARM announces the arrival of two new generation architectures: ARM Cortex-A77 on the CPU side and ARM Cortex-G77 on the GPUs, promising a new performance boost for the 2020 mobile devices.

The ARM Cortex-A77 architecture, engraved in 7 nm and achieving speeds of 3 GHz, promises 20% more performance compared to the current ARM Cortex-A76 (used in SoC Snapdragon 855 and Kirin 980 ) and corresponds to the Deimos evolution that was presented in 2018.

It will continue to be coupled with economical ARM Cortex-A55 cores, with consolidation in DynamiQ. The ARM Cortex-A77 architecture is presented as a continuation of the A76 (engraving and maximum cadence remain the same) but with additional performance, the progression will be a little less marked than when changing from A75 to A76.

At the same time, ARM unveils an ARM Mali-G77 mobile GPU based on a new Valhall architecture (which succeeds Bifrost ) announced as 40% better than the current ARM Mali-G76 GPU.

It will also offer an improved energy efficiency of 30% and a focus on artificial intelligence with inference capabilities and increased neural networks by 60%.

The ARM Mali-G77 GPU must be able to meet the needs of mobile gaming with a capacity for quality graphics rendering while maintaining a good autonomy of the mobile device. He also wants to bring an enriched experience in augmented reality.

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