Artillery Hornet Review – High Precision 3D Printer at €215.89 From TOMTOP


The new Artillery Hornet 3D printer presented in 2021 has fine details in black and yellow colors. It is easy to assemble, as it comes 90% assembled. It also has an internally developed 32-bit motherboard that allows fast and efficient information processing. Among the features that the Artillery Hornet 3D stands out: they are ultra-quiet printing, easy retrieval of impressions, easy connection.


This is a mid-size printer with a print volume of 220x220x250mm for a small footprint. The electronics are found under the chassis and the machine combines an aluminum structure with a yellow ABS fairing. The Artillery Hornet 3D printer is easy to connect by design, and the touch screen control makes it easy to use. The Artillery Hornet dissipates much less heat and maintains higher torque compared to other quiet stepper drivers available. It makes accurate and high-quality prints through its titan extruder and modular hotend. The Artillery Hornet is distinguished by its look a little more work than the classic Chinese 3D printers. The yellow color of the sash and the black of the frame go hand in hand with its appellation (the hornet), which could almost make it a decorative item in a living room or home office.

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The Artillery Hornet has several peculiarities: a simple Z located on the top to limit the effects of vibration but above all a patented cable system connecting the machine to the print head. In a single cable, we find all the connectors necessary to supply the head as well as a PTFE tube allowing the filament to be supplied to the head, the whole being connected to the extruder in Bowden configuration. This system makes it possible to obtain a machine with a very clean look with a single cable. The machine comes with a 350-watt power supply, a specially coated glass platter, a 32-bit card with silent drivers, an X-belt tensioner. It has a traditional jog wheel display.

New Titan extruder with stronger extrusion, stable filament feeding; The modular hotel integrates all-copper nozzles, fast melting, and heating, with three-dimensional heat dissipation. Self-developed 32-bit motherboard, better performance, ultra-quiet printing, replaceable drivers. Aluminum DC heating plate clad tempered glass platform, uniform heating, high energy efficiency. A foundation for print quality and a high success rate. Mechanized system for perfectly leveling the bed. Control at all times the position of your printing area. Integrated switch mini display with a one-key knob, easy-access reset button, simple and user-friendly experience. The Artillery Hornet 3D features reinforced aluminum profiles that provide greater stability when printing.


This Artillery Hornet 3D Printer is 95% pre-assembled with an integrated structure and mental frame. It will only take you 3 minutes to set it up. Also, it is easy to use because you can operate this printer only with a one-key knob integrated switch. If you are a beginner, this printer is definitely right for you. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €215.89 Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.


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