Artillery Sidewinder X1 Review – 3D Printer Kit at $379 From Banggood (Coupon)


Artillery Sidewinder X1 is a 3D printer for professionals and amateurs. SW-X1 has a large construction volume of – 300 x 300 x 400 mm – designed to meet major challenges. More importantly, using Artillery Sidewinder X1 for printing is very simple, because the two recovery functions prevent any defects and faults caused by power outages and filament jitter. Control process and set parameters on the touch screen. Enjoy easier and more successful 3D printing!

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Unlike a lot of DIY 3D printers on the market Artillery Sidewinder X1 printer comes standard with a Volcano style hot-end assembly. The Volcano-style hot-end is known for its ability to deliver high flow-rates of filament to the printed object. The higher flow-rates allow faster printing since the hot-end can deliver higher flows of liquid filament to the printing operation. Unlike a lot of DIY 3D printers on the market; this printer is built using all metal parts. The use of all metal parts ensures the printer frame is very stable and rigid which translates to better accuracy of printing.

The glass-ceramic heated print bed size is roughly 40% larger than a 200X200 print bed. You can print larger objects with this Artillery Sidewinder X1 printer than a standard 200X200X300 volume 3D printer. The printing speed determines how quickly an object may be printed. Most 3D printers in this price range print at a maximum accurate speed of 100mm/Sec. This printer can potentially print 3D objects in 2/3rds the time of other printers.

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This Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer has an accuracy in the X-Axis and Y-Axis down to 50 microns. The accuracy on the Z-Axis is 100 microns. Dual Z-Axis stepper motors remove one weakness of some 3D printers on the market. If using only one Z-Axis stepper motor the other end of the X-Axis rail is ‘following’ the driven side. This can have the effect of Z-Axis offset from one side of the X-Axis rail to the other side due to misaligned or dragging axis wheels on the non-driven side of the X-Axis rail support. This manifests itself as uneven Z-Axis printing.

The use of two Z-Axis stepper motors removes this weakness since both sides; of the X-Axis are support and actively driven. Using two stepper motors also reduces the amount of ‘lift’ force required for each side of the X-Axis rail. The stepper motor drivers were developed to reduce the amount of Idle; Current through the motor windings to reduce the artifact effects on the objects exterior surfaces. The stepper motor drivers also reduce the ‘singing’ noises within the stepper motor; to reduce the noise produced by the stepper motors.

The touch screen control panel is a nice touch. The color TFT Touch panel allows control of the 3D printer for performing different functions including the selection of objects to print from an SD memory card. A practical suggestion is to buy a micro-SD card and adapter then you can use a second adaptor on your computer to load files into the micro-SD card and transfer the card to the 3D printer to allow printing without tying up your computer for printing. Unlike a lot of DIY 3D printers on the market Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer is already assembled and only requires a couple of screws installed to hold the main rail assembly to the base.


The Artillery Sidewinder X1 offers a lot of great features, a large build space – and all of this at a very competitive price. As a result, the printer has become one of the most popular 3D printers on the market. We can buy it from Banggood at $379 by using Coupon Code: BG52699 in Flash Sale

Buy Artillery Sidewinder X1 From Banggood


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