Asus Lingyao X2 Duo Can Bring the Same Innovative Experience


Recently, Huawei and Samsung unveiled the sales of foldable screen devices. Among them, Samsung Galaxy Fold actually sold 400,000 to 500,000 units, while Huawei Mate X shipped 100,000 units each month. Although the price of foldable devices is more than $1460, even so, foldable is still sought after by the majority of users, which also shows that everyone has a high demand for products with large screens and new screen interaction methods.

However, these foldable designs not only stay in the field of mobile phones. A number of foldable notebook products also have been exhibited at CES 2020. Among these new products, folding screens and dual-screen notebooks occupy the main force and attract the attention of a lot of users. However, compared to these speculative products, the ASUS Lingyao X2 Duo, which has achieved mass production and commercialization, is very attractive. The ScreenPad Plus equipped on it can not only expand the main screen display area like a folding screen but also change the dual screens and multiple windows for independent screens which can bring a more tangible experience than the “screen expansion” of foldable Smartphones.

ScreenPad Plus can be said to be a true innovation in notebook interaction. Compared to a foldable screen notebook with a conceptual design, ScreenPad Plus can provide more possibilities to users. For example, in daily ordinary office use, users can run documents, PPT, and other tasks on the home screen, while ScreenPad Plus can run software such as WeChat and player at the same time so that multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously at the same time. It also has more possibilities than the dual-screen design.

Of course, ScreenPad Plus is more useful, its split-screen is just one of the small features. In professional creative work, ScreenPad Plus also can do video/music editing, and even painting with ASUS Pen, bringing more space for users. With the addition of ScreenPad Plus, the use of notebooks is no longer limited to a single screen, but multi-screen linkage, bringing a truly multi-dimensional work experience.

In addition to the new experience of screen interaction, other configurations of the ASUS Lingyao X2 Duo are also remarkable. It is equipped with Intel Core 10th-generation i5-10210U processor, with NVIDIA GeForce MX250 discrete graphics, 8GB RAM and 512GB PCIe x4 high-speed solid-state drive, even in the face of complex multi-application and large-scale games at work. In terms of details, the 5.5 ° small heel design not only brings a more comfortable experience to consumers who type at their desks for a long time but also enhances the heat dissipation effect of the entire machine.

With its exquisite appearance, powerful ScreenPad Plus and outstanding performance, Lingyao X2 Duo is also outstanding in battery life. Its 70Whr large battery plus exclusive optimization makes ASUS Lingyao X2 Duo easily get up to 22 hours of video playback time. This allows you to worry about your computer’s battery life even when you are away on business. For the body details, the excellent sound quality brought by the exclusive tuning speakers, the excellent typing experience brought by the moderate keystrokes, and a number of innovative interfaces allows you to expand worry-free. At present, the machine has also been on sale, the actual price is 7999 yuan (about $1166.09), this price is also very advantageous, and your favorite buddies quickly start.

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