Asus ROG 5S Pro Review: Gaming Beast With Snapdragon 888 Plus


The ROG gaming phone is a typical representative that has always been very effective in both hardware and software. Especially the cooperation with Tencent, a gaming giant, has made it deeply favored by players. The latest Tencent ROG gaming mobile phone 5s series, jointly created by Tencent and ROG, is aimed at players who want to have a refreshing game but can’t always ask for it. In the middle is Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro, on both sides are Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s.

Supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus , with a clock speed of up to 3.0GHz, it explores the maximum performance limit of gaming phones. With a maximum of 18GB LPDDR5 memory and 512GB USF 3.1 storage, it is impossible to feel the stutter on this phone.

The matrix liquid-cooled heat dissipation structure 5.0 allows the main heat source of the mobile phone to be concentrated in the center of the fuselage, away from the palm of the fingers. The 3D vacuum chamber soaking plate is supplemented by a large graphite film, which can quickly take away the heat inside the mobile phone. The cooler fan 5 that comes with the machine is even more powerful for the heat dissipation of the mobile phone and keeps the mobile phone motivated at all times.

2 shoulder buttons + 2 waist buttons, perfect 6-finger touch. Players can speed skating or click left and right to achieve various booking operations, avoiding rushing when playing games. With the two physical buttons of Cooler Fan 5, it can be handled with a degree and no panic when playing shooting games such as “Peace Elite” that require high-precision.

The Samsung AMOLED gaming screen of Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro has a 6.78-inch screen and a top-of-the-line 144Hz refresh rate. The game playing screen is smoother and avoids screen tearing when the frame rate is too low. The 360Hz native touch sampling rate reduces the touch delay caused by hardware.

We Kuai Technology got the Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro mobile phone at the first time. Let’s take a look at how the mobile phone performs. The following are the specific parameters of Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro:

Design & Appearance

It stands to reason that we should directly introduce the appearance of the mobile phone, but the mobile phone case of the Tencent ROG gaming mobile phone 5s Pro is too distinctive and inviting, so we will introduce it together.

The mobile phone case uses a hexagonal design with a narrow top and a wide bottom. The ROG PHONE and Tencent Games logos are printed on the box, and the classic ROG Eye and the Snapdragon 888 Plus marked with configuration are on the bottom. The overall style is full of sense of technology.

The mobile phone box uses a split opening scheme, with cyberpunk-style comics printed on the mezzanine on both sides. The handsome figure of the brand image character AKIRA seems to be welcoming every gaming enthusiast who chooses Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro. Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro is equipped with a 144Hz Samsung AMOLED 6.78-inch large-size gaming screen with a screen resolution of 2448*1080. The addition of HDR10+ certification ensures that the picture quality is clear enough and the color effects are realistic in various use environments.

The mobile phone also has a built-in Pixelwoks i6 dedicated display chip, which can be regarded as a “discrete graphics card” customized for some games . In certain games, visual effects and color enhancements can be set to enrich the game screen details.

The peak brightness of 800nits can clearly capture the game unit in the dark even under direct sunlight. It supports a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, which is very friendly to shooting games. High-speed moving pictures can also be displayed as much as possible, which effectively reduces the smear and tearing of the picture caused by insufficient refresh rate.

144Hz, 120Hz, 60Hz can be switched freely, which is suitable for various usage scenarios, and the automatic refresh rate can be selected to find a balance between high refresh and battery life.

The timing of the game is fleeting, and a minute delay can cause all games to be lost. Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro has a native touch sampling rate of up to 360Hz, which can easily meet even the needs of e-sports level, effectively reducing the operation delay caused by touch.

The outer glass of the screen is 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, and the surface is also covered with a coating to reduce the friction of hand sweat. The touch feel is quite good.

As a gaming phone, Asus ROG 5S Pro has added a lot of black technology. In the middle of the right frame, there is not only a Pogo pin designed for a cooling fan, but also a Type-C power interface, which is convenient for charging during entertainment.

The SIM card slot on the left side of the frame is designed in conspicuous red, and the publicity design style complements the mobile phone as a whole.

There are many buttons on the right side of the frame. The center is the power button and the volume plus and minus buttons. The ROG logo on both sides of the frame is not just as simple as decoration, but two real ultrasonic shoulder buttons, which can be used when playing games. The key is set to a specific function.

The back of the phone is decorated with a large cut corner, and the style is very eye-catching. The ROG logo on the left and the Tencent game logo indicate that this is a game phone jointly developed by ROG and Tencent.

The color difference in the middle of the back shell is not a simple decoration, but a ROG colorful personality window , which can be used to match scenes such as games, charging, and opening X mode with animation. You can also customize your favorite content on the screen, such as setting photos, custom text, marquee effects, etc. When you kill an enemy, it lights up “First Blood”, “Five Kills”, etc. It’s so cool that you have no friends.

At the bottom of both sides of the screen are two touch-type waist buttons, which are the same as the shoulder buttons. Users can set the waist buttons to various functions in the game, and cooperate with the shoulder buttons and the screen to truly achieve 6-finger operation.

On the top of the back shell is a horizontal camera module with three built-in lenses, namely Sony IMX686 64-megapixel main camera, 13-megapixel 125° super wide-angle sub-camera, and macro camera. Next to the camera module is a flash.

The top of the phone is exceptionally clean, with only one noise reduction hole and two signal bands.

There are many interfaces on the bottom of the phone. In addition to the Type-C interface, there is also an extremely advanced 3.5mm headphone jack . This is not too much for 10,000 praises. Next to the interface are two signal bands and a microphone. As a gaming phone, of course it has to be different from ordinary phones.

The design style of the included Cooler Fan 5 is consistent with that of the mobile phone. In addition to providing strong heat dissipation, it also has two mechanical buttons , which can provide a more realistic game feel while replacing the waist button.

Performance test

Asus ROG 5S Pro uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus SoC , which is also the strongest SoC in the Android camp at the moment, so it’s natural to play games.

18GB of running memory is also quite rare in current gaming phones, and 512GB of storage capacity is enough to hold most players’ game libraries.

Let’s take a look at the actual test results.

1. Geekbench

As a professional processor testing tool, Geekbench can accurately reflect the multi-core and single-core performance of the processor, which is of great reference value.

In the Geekbench running score, the Snapdragon 888 Plus ran out 3545 points for multi-core and 1168 points for single-core. Compared with the other two competing products on the same platform, it was about 50 points and 150 points higher. s level.

2. Master Lu

Among Master Lu, Asus ROG 5S Pro scored an astonishing 939,110 points, temporarily ranking first in Master Lu’s running score list. The CPU score is 316548 points, the GPU score is 345740 points, the RAM score is 134063 points, and the storage performance score is 142759 points.

It may be that Master Lu has not yet included the Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, so the display is still Snapdragon 888, but the frequency of 3.0GHz confirms the real body of the Snapdragon 888 Plus.

3. Androbench

In the UFS 3.1 test, the sequential reading of Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro was 1986.13MB/s and the sequential writing was 788.66MB/s, which was close to the UFS 3.1 speed limit.

In several tests, there were cases where sequential reading surpassed 2000MB/s, but it was basically stable at around 1986.13MB/s.

Game test

The hardware configuration of the Asus ROG 5S Pro can be said to have reached the pinnacle of Android gaming phones. It is not easy to find a game that can feed them with such a configuration. We tested the games that everyone usually plays. , The following is the test result.

For the Snapdragon 888 Plus plus 18G running memory and super heat-dissipating Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro, the temperature during gaming is far more important than the number of frames. After all, as a flagship processor, there is no Snapdragon 888 Plus that cannot be played. game.

1. “Glory of the King”

In the game “Honor of Kings”, after turning on the highest image quality, extremely high frame rate, ultra-high resolution, and anti-aliasing, the game temperature remains good. The entire game is basically maintained at about 32°C, and the temperature of the phone can be felt to rise. But it is far from reaching the point where it is hot.

The GAME GENIE of Asus ROG 5S Pro contains a variety of useful functions, such as network acceleration, notification shielding, call shielding, prevention of accidental touches, adjustment of refresh rate, and so on.

2. “Peace Elite”

In the game “Peace Elite”, turn on the ultra-high-definition picture quality, water surface reflection, etc., the game frame number is still stable, the whole process is around 90 frames, and the temperature control is around 36°C, which is still very good.

In design games like “Peace Elite”, due to the need for games such as viewing angle conversion, sliding back and forth on the screen is always faster than touch-sensitive buttons.

The two shoulder buttons and two waist buttons of the Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro can show their power in this game. Users can set the button functions according to their needs, such as single-point screen area, horizontal or vertical sliding, and even Custom macros to improve game operation.

In addition to the shoulder button and waist button, somatosensory control can be said to be the secret weapon of Asus ROG 5S Pro. The user can trigger the pre-set functions by shaking or turning the phone up and down or left and right, such as roll right and roll left. , And consistent with the shoulder key settings, users can also customize the somatosensory function.

When the user uses a cooler fan, the two physical buttons on the fan are turned on by default. Like the shoulder button and waist button, the two physical buttons can also achieve various functions. Because they are physical buttons, the feel is better than touch buttons. Much better.

The most surprising thing is the color flip function in GAME GENIE. After turning on this function, the colors of the units on the screen are close to the same, and the subtle movements are very obvious. The enemy squatting in the grass may not think about the yin. It’s possible.

3. “Running Kart Mobile Game Edition”

The mobile game version of “Running Kart” is quite configurable. Due to the fast movement of the screen, the requirements for the number of frames are very high. After the X mode is turned on, the frame rate of the Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro is always maintained at 120 frames and the temperature is controlled at about 43°C. If the X mode is turned off, it will stabilize at 100 frames and the temperature is 38°C.


The hardware is powerful, and the software can’t be left behind. The unique intelligent control center of Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro can realize the perfect combination of hardware, software, and cooler fan 5.

In the game lobby, users can view the game duration record, arrange time reasonably, and enjoy a healthy life.

In the intelligent control center, users can choose to maximize the performance of the X mode, the balance mode suitable for daily use, the long battery life mode and the advanced mode, and switch freely in a variety of scenarios.

In addition to controlling the display content of the back screen, as mentioned earlier, the marquee, custom text, pictures, etc. are all arranged, and the timing of opening can also be controlled freely.

Cooler Fan 5 can also be found in the Intelligent Control Center. After connecting through the Pogo pin, the user can adjust the fan speed by himself, or simply turn it on to automatically let the system determine the wind speed. You can also choose to disable the fan when the microphone is activated to prevent fan noise from affecting the radio.

In terms of network, Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro is equally powerful. The intelligent control center can choose Storm network acceleration and dual Wi-Fi acceleration to make the game network more stable.

Finally, there are AirTriggers and AR task/selfie settings. Users can set shoulder button, waist button, somatosensory control, and fan button trigger adjustments in AirTriggers, such as vibration amplitude, sensitivity, speed skating speed, sliding distance, etc., which is very convenient.


The rear camera module used by Asus ROG 5S Pro is a 64-megapixel main camera + 13-megapixel secondary camera + macro camera, and the main camera CMOS is IMX686. As a gaming phone, such CMOS is rare. Let’s take a look at the actual camera effect. The first is the commonly used double lens.

In the close-up mode, the main camera of Asus ROG 5S Pro performed well. The overall picture is bright, rich in details, and strong, but there is a slight smearing on the edges of the picture.

It is still the commonly used close-up mode. The overall picture color of the Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro is very pleasing, and there are slight traces of AI compensation after the details are enlarged.

In the wide-angle mode, the color of Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro is still very good, but there are still signs of AI compensation, which may be to show a strong sense of layering, and the edges and details of the picture are more blurred.

Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro has a dedicated macro lens, which performs fairly well. The imaging speed is very fast during shooting, and the hand shake can also produce finer effects.

But there is still the problem of pursuing too much depth of field. The middle of the picture is very fine, and when transitioning to the edge, some force is too strong, and the picture suddenly turns from fine to blur.

In terms of night shooting, Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro clearly has room for improvement. The image above is the imaging effect without night shooting, and the image below is the imaging effect with night shooting enabled.

After the night shooting is turned on, the overall color of the picture is whitish, slightly distorted, and the detail performance begins to decrease. The problem still exists after repeated shooting several times. It is not difficult to find that this is the problem of AI settings. Looking forward to the follow-up Tencent ROG game phone 5s Pro adjustments.


For gaming phones, power consumption is a feature that will never be forgotten. Asus ROG 5S Pro has a built-in 6000 mAh super-capacity battery. Let’s take a look at the actual battery life.

The APP used is a battery dog ​​produced by our fast technology. The test items of the battery dog ​​include browsing the web, video, hardware overclocking, etc., which can be said to be high-intensity use.

In the battery dog ​​test, it took 28 minutes and 09 seconds. Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro consumes 7% of power. The data is quite good. It is estimated that it can last for about 6 and a half hours when it is fully charged. It is extremely good for such a high load. It can ensure that the player does not have to worry about the battery when playing the game for half a day.

In terms of charging, Asus ROG 5S Pro has 65W charging power. For a large 6000mAh battery, how will it perform?

In the actual charging test, the phone was charged 20% in the first 5 minutes, but the subsequent charging speed slowed down, and the power reached 46% at 20 minutes, 61% at 30 minutes, and at 40 minutes. At 82%, the charging speed slowed down again at 50 minutes and the power reached 90%, and at 60 minutes, the power was just fully charged.

In general, the charging strategy of Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro is quite aggressive. The power can reach 20% in the first five minutes. If this power is used for super battery life, it will be no problem to use it for one day.

However, after 5 minutes, the power growth began to slow down. In the growth range of 82% to 90%, it took 10 minutes. The Android system now has a charging protection mechanism. This speed is understandable.

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Asus ROG 5S Pro has the industry’s top Snapdragon 888 Plus processor , and it is a high-performance release. The running score is significantly higher than that of competing products. There is no game on the market that can hold it down.

Up to 18GB of running memory, although the running score has not improved, it also avoids any possible lag, and the background stay state is more durable, which is a boon for players who like multiple games.

The 144Hz refresh rate + 360Hz native touch sampling rate makes the touch experience of Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro very good. The screen is correspondingly fast and the game screen is smooth. Two rare qualities can be seen on the same phone, indeed You can see the sincerity of Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro.

Multiple waist buttons and shoulder buttons are designed to allow users to control with 6 fingers during the game, so that they can fully engage in the game without having to be in a hurry. A variety of button control modes are even more powerful, making the gameplay easier.

The addition of Cooler Fan 5, in addition to two more mechanical buttons with excellent hand-feeling, brings the already excellent body heat dissipation to a higher level. The Snapdragon 888 Plus , which is ridiculed by many people as “Fire Dragon”, is more like being The tamed “Ice Dragon” , no matter whether it is running for a long time or playing games, there is no obvious hot touch.

The large-capacity battery also brings excellent battery life. If the Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro is used as a normal phone, it can even be charged once every two days. This is quite rare in the current mobile phone environment. Even under intense use, it can last for one day.

The 65W charging power combined with the aggressive charging strategy can keep the mobile phone powered at any time. The 6000mAh battery can be fully charged in about 60 minutes, which may be the strength of Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s Pro.

For gaming phones, pure stacking is far easier than polishing software. Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro achieves the top level of hardware while polishing the software to the extreme. If you are a hardcore mobile game player, Tencent ROG gaming phone 5s Pro will be your choice.

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