Amazfit Happy Duck Children’s Watch Review: Best For Protecting Eyesight


Huami, as a professional smart wearable device manufacturer, already has a considerable position in the field of smart watches and smart bracelets, but it has always been geared towards the adult market. Now, Huami has officially entered the children’s market, launching the first Amazfit Happy Duck Children’s Health Watch, which is mainly for children aged 6-9 and their parents.

Why choose to enter the highly competitive children’s watch market at this time? What novelty can it bring?

In Huami’s view, in terms of positioning safety and real-time communication, children’s watches on the market have done a good job, and they are also basic functions. Huami does not need to blindly follow the trend, but must make its own characteristics.

At the same time, many children’s watches on the market take learning knowledge as their selling point, and their design concepts and practicality are all debatable. Although this feature is very pleasing to parents, it does not take into account that under such a small screen, the child’s learning may not be successful, and his vision has plummeted.

In response to this situation, when the Huami team discussed whether to make children’s watches, they unanimously decided that in addition to basic health and safety functions, they should also make health watches that can prevent children from myopia and are 100% harmless to children.

You know, according to the WHO survey data, the myopia rate of Chinese adolescents is 70%, while the myopia rate of American adolescents is only 10%. The myopia rate of Chinese children is 7 times that of American children. The most important factor is outdoor activities. Time difference.

If small screens such as watches are used to further tether the children, it will only worsen the myopia of Chinese teenagers. The name “Happy Duck” also stems from the parents’ expectations for the health and happiness of their children.

Amazfit Happy Duck Children’s Health Watch is equipped with a 1.4-inch 240X240 resolution TFT screen, a 2-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, IP68 waterproof and dustproof, 4G HD video calls, and the strap uses food-grade silicone that is more comfortable to wear.

In the main health function, it uses the Huangshan No. 1 AI wearable processor and BioTracker 2 PPG high-precision bio-tracking sensor developed by Huami Technology.

Studies have shown that time spent outdoors is a strong correlation factor for myopia prevention. The “Guidelines on Suitable Techniques for the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents” issued by the National Health Commission pointed out that maintaining outdoor activities for more than 2 hours a day can effectively prevent the occurrence of myopia in adolescents.

In this regard, Huami has customized a new daylight sensor, which can effectively monitor the child’s outdoor activity time of the day by collecting sunlight and environmental data, which is not available in other children’s watches.

In addition to myopia prevention reminder, let’s take a look at the other features of this watch. The following figure shows the specific parameters of this watch:

Design & Appearance

Happy Duck children’s watch packaging box and watch body. The Happy Duck children’s watch uses a mecha style that is very popular with children. The overall color is blue and yellow with high contrast, bright and lively, which is very good at pleasing children’s aesthetics.

There are a lot of protrusions on the four circles of the watch body, which plays a very good role in protecting the watch, so that children don’t have to worry about damage to the watch when they play.

The Happy Duck Children’s Watch is equipped with a 1.4-inch 240X240 resolution TFT screen, the display effect is relatively delicate, and children will not be struggling to watch the screen daily. The top is also stuffed with an 88-degree ultra-wide-angle, F/2.4 large aperture 2 million pixel high-definition camera. Let the children have fun in taking selfies or anything.

The left side of the dial is viewed horizontally, the left side is the SIM card slot, and the right side is the microphone. This Happy Duck children’s watch supports 4G VoLTE calling function, only need to insert Nano-SIM card.

The SIM card slot is opened with a tool such as a card pin and cannot be taken out directly by bare hands, which can prevent children from easily pulling it out. It is very considerate.

There are two physical buttons on the other side. The TALK button on the left can send messages to parents with one click, and the HOME button on the right is the homepage/lock screen button.

The details at the bottom of the dial, in addition to the magnetic charging contacts, are the BioTracker 2 PPG bio-tracking sensor developed by Huami.

Strap details, the mesh design strap uses food-grade silicone, which is more comfortable to wear.

The Happy Duck Children Watch also comes with a magnetic charger, which can be automatically attached to it by just placing it in the direction.


With children’s curious and exploring personality, it is naturally not a good thing to give too much watch control rights. Parents can manage the watch through the supporting “Amazfit Guardian” App.

Let’s look at the performance of this children’s health watch from the perspective of parents.

Watch experience

In addition to health and family contact, the Amazfit Happy Duck function list also includes Xiaoai’s voice assistant, alarm stopwatch, camera album, brightness and sound settings, and Alipay pocket money payment QR code.

The Amazfit Happy Duck supports three student-specific sports standard exercise modes: running, skipping, and sit-ups. It encourages children to keep exercising through fun rewards. Parents can also check data such as exercise time and frequency through the App.

The very distinctive application of the watch, “Sunflower”, uses the growth of sunflowers to encourage children to do more outdoor activities, thereby achieving the effect of preventing myopia, and also helping parents to understand their children’s outdoor activities in time.

Its principle is to collect sunlight and environmental data through a daylight sensor, and sunlight can induce the release of retinal dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that helps photoreceptor cells respond to light stimulation. If the level of retinal dopamine is too low, the eye will enter the eye axis. With the growth cycle, myopia will become more serious.

Through this fun way, children’s interest in going out is aroused, and children often play various electronic devices at home.

The Amazfit Happy Duck also has a built-in chat function. In addition to sending voices to parents, the “Find Friends” option allows children to add friends to each other, and voice chats and calls can be made between friends.

The built-in Xiao Ai classmates can be awakened by short pressing the talk button. The children can directly ask questions if they have any questions, such as simple question answering, daily weather and other basic information, you can use Xiao Ai classmates to get answers, or let Xiao Ai Classmates tell children some interesting stories.

Health and Exercise

As a Amazfit Happy Duck, it naturally also integrates multi-dimensional health monitoring functions, such as children’s exclusive 24-hour heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring.

Parents can also see the child’s health status on the supporting “Amazfit Guardian” App, and analyze the child’s heart rate, sleep, and exercise steps in a more detailed and intuitive way.

There are also reference data on the details page of each health module, which can generate reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, allowing parents to refer to whether their children’s outdoor activities and health status are up to standard.


With the child’s lively nature, parents who are looking after can even know where to go in the blink of an eye, so the positioning function is very important. Amazfit Happy Duck Watch supports GPS/Beidou/Base Station and other ten AI positioning.

It can not only view the current location and the activity track within 30 days, but also set up a safety guard fence. As long as the child exceeds the safety fence, it can send a warning message to notify the parents as soon as possible.

When a child encounters an emergency or troublesome thing, press and hold the Home button for 5 seconds on the watch to send out an SOS help signal. Parents can receive it immediately on the mobile phone, and they can confirm the child’s safety by positioning, calling back and other methods.

Other functions

Under the “More” category, in addition to member management, expense management, and SMS collection functions, there are also two more practical functions: timer switch machine and class disable.

With the “disabled in class” function during the set time, the child’s watch cannot perform other operations besides displaying the time, so as to avoid disturbing the child during class. The “time switch machine” function can prevent the child from taking a good rest within the stipulated time.

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The education policy of “ethics, intelligence, physical education, art and labor” has always overlooked the development of “physical” in the past. With the implementation and implementation of the “double reduction” policy, children’s health has been paid attention to, and all-round development has been guaranteed. Strengthening physical exercises and having good physical fitness are the foundations for the healthy growth of children. Health has always been Huami’s advantage and characteristic.

Although Amazfit Happy Duck Children Watch is Huami’s first entry into the field of children’s watches, its insight into children’s health needs is very professional and attentive. The functions such as myopia prevention reminder, primary and secondary school sports standards, and multi-dimensional health monitoring are all happy ducks. Unique innovative features.

In addition, Amazfit Happy Duck also pays great attention to protecting children’s privacy. Cloud data is designed in accordance with EU GDPR network security standards. In terms of the quality of the watch, it has passed more than 50 professional quality tests such as the life of 60,000 keystrokes and working in a high temperature and high humidity environment. It is reliable and durable. Don’t be afraid of children bumping into the watch everyday, let the children free and liberate their nature. The material of the product has passed the national authoritative standard test to care for the child’s skin.

The child is happy and healthy, and the parents are at ease and rest assured. This is the true value of children’s watches and the original intention of Huami Happy Duck.

The official price of Amazfit Happy Duck Children Health Watch is 799 yuan. It is now available for pre-sale in Tmall’s official flagship store, self-operated, Suning, Youzan Mall and Douyin Mall, and you can enjoy a 50 yuan discount immediately when you place an order.


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