Asus Zenbook UX410 Ultrabook Preview with 14inch Ultra Thin Design


Recently, Asus  Zenbook UX410 ultrabook has been unveiled, it will have 14inch screen, but it has ultra thin bezel to make it look like a 13.3inch notebook. What’s more, Asus  Zenbook UX410 has only 6mm thickness, although it’s 0.8mm thicker than Dell XPS Ultrabook, it didn’t move the camera under the screen like Dell, it still uses the traditional design.


In its hardware, Asus Zenbook UX410 has three versions, Intel i3, i5, i7 processor, which is the latest Kaby Lake architecture. It has RAM 8GB, 1TB or 512GB SSD, coming with 14inch 1920×1080 screen. Until now, we can not be sure which GPU Asus Zenbook UX410 uses, the possibility to use Nvidia seems not very big.

Right now we also have no idea about when Asus Zenbook UX410 will release, and what kind of price will it sell? We believe more news about it will come out soon, after all it is the other ultrabook for Asus.


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