Ataraina Unveiled World’s First Flying Air Cleaner at CES 2017


Haze is a big problem to affect our environment, besides mouth-muffle, the other most useful device to avoid haze is air purifier. Recently, there are a lot of air purifier brands coming out on the current market including Xiaomi, but at CES 2017, there are much surprise for us, one of the most amazing product is the flying air purifier. It’s true that this is the world’s first air purifier rc drone unveiled by Ataraina designer.

This RC Drone can purify the dust, flower powder and other bad particles in the air. Compared with vacuum cleaners and other traditional air purifier, it has an obvious advantage that it can take advantage of air current when flying to collect dust and particles in the air better.

Besides the effect, this is a novel designing idea. In general, the propeller of RC Drone can be regarded as a complicated structure to make noise and hurt people easily, even break with other force. So can helicopters. This product solution has transformed the born disadvantages into advantages, making full use of its current. Compared with traditional vacuums and air purifiers without making strong current, this one is more innovation.

As for purifying theory, its designer Ataraina claims RC drone assembly the fabric with the negative ion, which can attract the particles and pollution in the air, and it has one disadvantage, it doesn’t have air filter device, it can not deal with PM 2.5 effectively. And they also leaked this product focuses on those allergic people, especially allergic to flower powder. The second disadvantage is that it needs to remote control by human.

Therefore, we have to praise their idea about world’s first air purifier rc drone, and it should be a tendency for other air purifiers. But it still has a lot practical issues to be solved. Stay tuned.


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