ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 10W CNC Desktop DIY Laser Engraving in €377.51 @Tomtop Flash Sale


ATOMSTACK S10 Pro laser etcher with 50W machine power and 10W laser yield power, the super fine exacting attention region is decreased to 0.06*0.06mm, high-thickness laser can cut 15~20mm thick wood, imprint reflect, hardened steel metal, ceramics, glass, cutting velocity is 40% higher than the normal model.


Also, The all encompassing channel glass defensive cover assumes a generally excellent part in safeguarding your eyes; sifting 97% of the bright light, you and individuals around you can likewise watch laser etching without wear goggles. Diminish the expense of your goggles and the burden of wearing goggles.


The all-aluminum combination anodized structure configuration makes the machine more sturdy and works on the exactness of etching. The whole construction has been intended for speedy gathering, and the get together can commonly be finished inside 10-20 minutes. The super fine careful attention region is decreased to 0.08*0.06mm, the high-thickness laser can without much of a stretch cut 20mm thick wood, 15mm thick acrylic; can straightforwardly etch reflect tempered steel metal, earthenware production, glass, and etching and cutting rate is 40% higher than the common model, which can be equivalent with the impact of the 150W CO₂ laser etching machine.


ATOMSTACK S10 Pro laser etching machine designs the terminal control board. Also,  upholds disconnected etching, and with a crisis stop button; after you introduce the product and transfer the document; you can do etching work whenever and anyplace without being limited by the PC. Don’t bother changing the concentration prior to etching; The central spot region of the new laser is just 1/3 of the spot area of other customary lasers; an Automatically fixed center, another laser join with accuracy etching; and high energy cutting simultaneously. Also, it is easily available at Tomtop at €377.51. To get the price use the Coupon code: FFS10P

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