ATUMTEK ATSS002 Review – Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod at $18.08 with 20% OFF Discount


Enjoy much great fun yourself, together with your family, friends, or colleagues by this ATUMTEK ATSS002 Selfie Stick tripod with a detachable Bluetooth remote. What’s more, this tripod can fold into one whole unit easily, and adjust its length with extendable stainless steel rods to meet every demand of taking selfies, group photos, Video chat as well as live streaming.



ATUMTEK ATSS002 Selfie Stick adopts an integrated design, and the body is made of Aeronautical grade aluminum and anodic technique processed surface. With the most portable, fashionable, and strongest ATUMTEK wireless Bluetooth selfie sticks on the market; let’s say goodbye to fragile and smelly plastic selfie sticks. The ATUMTEK ATSS002 Bluetooth Selfie Stick adopts a 270-degree rotatable phone holder design, which supports mobile phone horizontal clips and vertical clamps. The 180 degree enables you to select the perfect angle when you take photos. The phone holder supports devices of which the width up to 3.42 inches.

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The Bluetooth control distance is up to 33ft; which allows you to take photos by yourself or take group photos by taking off the remote controller. With a built-in 50mAh rechargeable and recycling Lithium battery; you can continuously capture 15000 photos after fully charge via Micro USB charging port 5V/110mAh. The Bluetooth remote is compatible with IOS 7.0, Android 5.0, and the above devices. Thanks to the hidden retractable design, it’s only 7.7 inches for folded size and extension max. 31.3 inches.

You can put it in pockets or other small bags. Whenever you want to record a beautiful moment, it always is there. Fast Bluetooth connection with your phone, you can easily use this ATUMTEK ATSS002 Selfie Stick by pushing the shutter control button. You can use it for a close self-photography or extend it to get a larger scenery. What’s more, you will be using it as a desktop phone holder, doing live internet broadcasts, binge-watching TV shows, etc. With a very flexible adjustable view height, the nape ache, shoulder pain will be substantially reduced.


This latest Bluetooth self-portrait tripod features the one-piece design, without bothering to install the product piece by piece. The most mini ATUMTEK ATSS002 Selfie Stick in the market, pretty convenient and portable to be put in your bags or even pocket! We can buy it from at $18.08 by using 20% off Coupon Code: ATUMTEK20 for the entire site.



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