Azdome Ambarella Chip Dash Cam DAB211 Accessories Introduction


Azdome DAB211 was officially unveiled earlier today as the first Ambarella chip dash cam and the Chinese company thinks of it as the most cost-effective product. We learned that the dash cam features 1440p, built-in GPS, ADAS, HDR, hidden design, night vision, 150°ultra wide angle, etc, the device looks awesome in terms of specs, today find out the accessories of DAB211, keep reading to learn more!

First, let’s take a look at the DAB211 unboxing video to know about the components of the accessories.

Here is the list of the Azdome DAB211 accessories that will be included in the packaging box:

  • Suction Mount: one kind of installation way, easy to install and take down.
  • 3M Mount: another kind of installation way, more stable compared with suction mount, but not easy to remove.
  • Car Charger: there are 2USB ports on the car charger, one port is for the dash cam, and you can charge your mobile phone with another one port, so convenient and practical.
  • 3.5m Car Charger Cable: the length of the car charger cable is designed to be routed around your windscreen, which is convenient for you to manage your in-car space.
  • USB Cable: used to charge the dash cam and mobile phone, or connect the dash cam with the computer to copy the file to your computer.
  • Cable Clip: used to fix the car charger cable.

Recently Azdome has released a new DAB211 stroke camera, this camera is equipped with Ambarella A12 chip and OV4689 sensor, which means a better experience for users in the speed of operation. In addition, it has built-in GPS, ADAS, 150 degrees ultra-wide angle night vision and angle, support 128GB TF max card. Above all, the DAB211 comes with a resolution of 2560 * 1440p and Ambarella A12 chip, which will provide a higher quality of video for users.

Azdome says that with these functions DAB211 will not only help drivers to record videos in driving but advantageous to drivers in many other aspects. Second, video resolution and lens, which is the primary concern people, in this regard, DAB211 are also quite attractive, DAB211 comes 1440p and the wide angle ultra To 150 degrees, which means a better overall experience for users and will provide the surrounding environmental panoramic views for people to enjoy the visual banquet.

You can learn more about the Azdome DAB211 over on the company’s official website


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