AZDOME Announce The Starlight Night Vision Dashcam M02 and It Will Pre-Sold At AliExpress For Only $60.


AZDOME, as China’s powerful dash cam manufacturer, has been committed to the design and development of products. In 2017, a series of high-quality dash cam has been launched by AZDOME, like GS63H, GS65H, DAB211, etc, and has been fully recognized by every customer.

Of course, AZDOME does not disappoint us even in 2018, recently, AZDOME launched a new starlight night vision dash cam M02, that is the first true night vision dash cam with good night vision effect. To our surprise, it could record the clear videos even at nighttime.

AS we all know that almost all car accidents happen at nighttime, obviously caused by the low visibility in such light conditions. So, if you own a dashcam then you actually want it to be able to see clearly in the dark environment, however not all of them can offer that. A camera that undoubtedly does it right is the Azdome M02 night vision Dashcam, the company simply released a video showing exactly that; let’s have a glance.

As we can see in the video, the night vision feature of Azdome M02 Dash Cam permits us to see the pretty much clear feature of objects that are placed in the dark room. The words of the same package can also be clearly seen even in the dark environment. Overall, the Azdome M02 seems to be performing as promised, great quality footage, low noise, and very crispy details, night vision is definitely working at full capacity.

Besides the night vision feature, the Azdome M02 is also equipped with built-in GPS, G-sensor, OV Sensor, Mic Support, Loop Recording, 1080p video recording and more.

Azdome M02 Specifications
  • Novatek Chip
  • 2.4 inches IPS Screen
  • Video Resolution 1920×1080/30 FPS 1280×720/60 FPS 1280×720/30 FPS
  • External Memory supported up to 64GB TF Card
  • Interface: USB and AV Out
  • Built-in G-sensor

AZDOME M02 will be pre-sold at AZDOME AliExpress Store for only $60. So are you going to buy this starlight night vision dash cam? If you want to learn more about the Azdome M02 visit the company’s official website.


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