Azdome GS63H VS GS65H Comparison Review: Which One Do You Prefer ?


Video resolution is one of the most important deciding factors in the purchase of a tracking camera today. Because if the quality of the video is not high enough, you may not be able to use your video in case of an accident to prove that it is not your fault. A good tracing camera has a good resolution and clear video output and Azdome seems to have taken this point into consideration and that is why its latest Azdome GS63H comes with an ultra HD video resolution beyond your imagination. Well, Azdome’s GS6H comes with a resolution of 4K, which is a fairly high resolution for the current market of tracing cameras and The first GS65H Dual-lens cam is launched by Azdome, the cam board adopts Novatek96655 chip and the Sony IMX323 sensor, the GS65H is the first dual-lens cam in the current camshaft industry, the video resolution is 1920 * 1080P / 30fps in single camera mode, 1440 * 1080p / 30fps + 720P in the Double chamber. In this article, we will see What’s the difference between Azdome GS63H and GS65H?

Azdome GS63H 4K Dash CamAZDOME GS63H 4k dash cam

Once individuals search for an ingenious and eco-friendly product, this is the right product to be purchased in the market. It is an outstanding modern product made from high-quality materials; security, very friendly upkeep and simple cleaning perform. People will certainly feel please and enjoy to use it for various tasks. Azdome GS63H WiFi Car DVR Recorder Dash Cam Novatek 96660 Camera Built-in GPS Camcorder 4K 2880x2160P Night Vision G-sensor is very flexible and high futuristic design. This product is very secure for individuals with various skills, not harmful, healthy in design, and affordable in price. The design is very wise, futuristic and modern-day design. The models are designed to meet all user requirement in contemporary design.AZDOME GS63H 4k/24fps dash cam

Distinguish from another 1080p dash cam, our car DVR provides a video resolution high up to 2880X2160p at 24fps and 1920X1080p at 30fps in video resolution. Cooperate with a 150-degree wide angle and F1.8 large aperture, ensure less blind spots, achieve the best image quality, nighttime performance and CRYSTAL-CLEAR RECORDINGS. Enjoy your journey with much more safety. You can download the “Lerccenker” APP from your smartphone to remotely control the dash cam, change settings, real-time viewing, photo taking, video recording, playback, download the record files to your smartphone to edit it and to share it on social media platforms. It comes with GPS Geo-Tagging device records precise GPS data into video file so you can accurately check vehicle location/speed/route on Google Maps through included Dash Cam Player Software inside the camera. GPS player software will need to be installed before you use.AZDOME GS63H novatek96660 chipset

Built -axis acceleration sensor, in view of a recording and storing wave target. When a sudden event such as a car collision or a sudden turn, can automatically record and store images, in order to provide evidence of the accident. The recorded videos are saved and locked, which never be covered by cycle video. With loop recording enabled, users will have the option to record videos in loops of 3 / 5 / 10-minute video files, and record it on the TF card until space is exhausted. Then, the oldest file will be automatically overwritten. But, corresponding to gravity sensing, motion detection, parking monitoring or emergency files cannot be automatically overwritten. with motion detection is enabled, when the vehicle recorder detects the movement of the object, the camera starts recording, and the camera automatically enters the motion detection standby state after the motion detection is finished. When the object is detected again, the camera function is started again. Parking Mode on, when car engine off, the camera will off automatically.4k dash cam product parameters

if any collision or crash to the car, the camera will restart to recording and save the files automatically. It normally records 60 seconds then off automatically. When the collision is detected again, the camera function is started again. The recorded videos are saved and locked, which also never be covered by cycle video.

Azdome GS65H Dual Lens Dash Camdual lens dash cam

The GS65H is the latest and most reliable product to meet the demands and safety needs of professional and commercial drivers. Whether you’re an Uber, Taxi or Bus Driver, the GS65H camera is equipped with a dual lens (Front Full High Definition / Rear High Definition) that can record events happening inside and outside of the vehicle simultaneously. In addition to capturing crisp videos in the daytime, the infrared LED’s from the rear lens will record crystal clear videos in low light conditions offering you and your passengers a higher level of in-car security. Protect yourself, vehicle asset and deter fraudulent claims from being made with your personal eyewitness. In order to provide more safety and comprehensive help, AZDOME, the tech-strong dash cam safety leader, has launched the latest AZDOME GS65H DASH CAM front and rear. It can be widely used in different grades and types of the car so that the driver who lacks the driving safety assistance system has a good choice. AZDOME GS65H dash cam can, with front and rear two super-clear cameras and 150°wide angle, extended the vision to four car lanes for the car, allowing it to know the surrounding environment and let the driver in the car can take a glance, greatly improve the safety of driving. In fact, after traveling, besides the scenery along the way, more than the warm time with your family. AZDOME GS65H rear HD camera allows you to take a family photo or take a photo of your pet.dash cam front and rear

The image was taken by AZDOME GS65H dash cam front and rear are highly defined and belong to 1080p, which can provide the clear image and to protect driver’s right and benefit when necessary. in addition, the AZDOME GS65H dash cam has no-light night vision, when the night road lighting is poor or on the suburban mountain road, this function can provide clear and accurate surrounding road conditions for the driver at night driving and greatly improve the safety factor of driving at night. When traveling, the jolly mood to enjoy the scenery and relax are based on safe driving. But travel on the way, all kinds of traffic accidents cannot be prevented, such as racketeer, scraping and so on, in order to ensure the safety of driving, install an AZDOME dash cam GS65h for your car, double way ultra clear video, accompany you to travel safety.dual lens dash cam sony sensor

Azdome GS65H also stands out from the small 2.4-inch LCD dashboard cameras and compact body. As is well known, the GS65H is the first dual-lens cam in the current camshaft industry, the video resolution is 1920 * 1080P / 30fps in single camera mode, 1440 * 1080p / 30fps + 720P in the Double chamber. The suction mount is of great importance to the dash cam, the dash cam will be unstable with inferior suction mount, and it can easily cause the shaking during driving process. Azdome specially designed a kind of anti-shaking suction mount, which adopts silicone with greater force of friction on the bottom, the dash cam will be more stable with this kind of silicone suction mount and will not lead to shake, the use of silicone also makes it easier to install and take down the suction mount; and the suction mount supports 360 degrees rotation on the left and right, so the driver can easily adjust the direction and angle of the dash cam.dual lens dash cam 1080p

The front camera adopts the Sony IMX323 sensor and the HK-8246-1042-1 + HK155-V01 lens with a diameter of 16 mm, the rear camera adopts the Novatek99141 sensor and the HK-8188D-732-1 lens with a diameter of 14 mm. In order to improve night vision, infrared technology is applied to the rear lens of GS65H, can capture a good video effect, even at night. With the front and rear cameras, the Azdome GS65H offers excellent coverage of activity on the road around you. Its front 150° wide lens and rear 130° wide lenses with 1080P video capture enable you to capture realistic video from your vehicle at a wide area. The camera could be mounted on the windshield window with the suction mounts or 3M stickers.dual lens dash cam product parameters

The unit can support microSDHC cards up to 32GB in capacity(Please use 8-32G Kingston /Samsung /SanDisk memory card, Best choice – Kingston.Don’t use a fake memory card.), and the loop recording system will automatically overwrite the non-essential part when the memory card gets full. The G-sensor system could detect any sudden or severe movement, often an indication of an incident, and lock the video file being recorded at that time, which show the direction and force of accident impacts. These files are kept safe from the loop recording system. The motion detection functionality offers peace-of-mind while you’re away from your vehicle.When in parking mode, the camera will switch to automatically if it identifies that you’ve been stationary for a short while. The camera will monitor activity around your vehicle and capture footage of any movement that it detects.


Azdome’s both products are pretty amazing Azdome GS63H 4K Dash Cam and Azdome GS65H Dual Lens Dash Cam is incredible. According to our main comparison between Azdome GS63H 4K Dash Cam and Azdome GS65H Dual Lens Dash Cam, we can see both Dash Cams has great advantages in design, camera, Features, and price. for video resolution, GS63H has a VGA, in dual camera mode: it is 1080p + VGA, in single camera mode: Max 4k. GS65H in dual camera: 1440×1080p/30fps + 720p, in single camera: 1920×1080p/30fps. for the lens: GS63H is the 150-degree ultra wide angle, GS65H is front lens 150-degree wide angle, rear lens 130-degree wide angle. for the extra features: GS63H has built-in GPS, wifi, GS65H has built-in GPS and they all have motion detection, G-sensor, parking monitor. The features of the two dash cams are basically the same, if you pay more attention to video resolution and wifi, you can choose GS63H, if you focus on the dual lens, you can choose GS65H.

If you Learn additional regarding the both AZDOME dash cams, please visit AZDOME official website and follow Azdome on their Facebook page to get service and it keeps you always aware of the latest advances, News, Updates, review, and giveaway.


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