AZDOME GS65H, A Ideal Dash Cam For Uber Drivers to Protect Themselves


Dash cameras are fast becoming a must-have accessory in motor vehicles, particular vehicles used for rideshare and any type of car hire. As we all know Uber might be going through a bit of a bumpy ride right now as a company. For users, Uber makes it incredibly simple to get an inexpensive ride anytime with no hassle.

But In the present era, driver safety is a huge topic right now and one that has elicited a lot of reaction from drivers, with the increasing events recently happening to Uber drivers, a growing number of drivers are more concerned regarding their own safety. Driving for the Uber companies is undoubtedly dangerous, but can be made safer if you’ve got the right tools at your disposal.

A dash cam is a vital tool for ride-sharing service drivers looking to protect themselves after accidents or incidents involving their passengers and dash cam serves as an extremely low-cost insurance policy for many drivers, you never know when you’re going to need it, but when you do, it can really bail you out. However, finding the right dash cam for Uber drivers can be an overwhelming task.

Many Uber drivers may haven’t any idea of which dash cam to choose, AZDOME GS65H is our prime pick of the best dash cam for Uber drivers and here are the details for the reason. a picture is priced a thousand words, let’s see the following real scenario recorded by the dual lens dash cam.

What makes the GS65H an Uber driver favorite? For Uber drivers, it’s best to get a dash cam that comes with 2 lenses, you’ll be able to record the road in front of you and the car interior at the same time. This way, you’ll be able to capture everything that’s happening and if something goes wrong you’ll have recorded proof of what happened. And GS65H is equipped with 2 cameras, one recording the front and another one capturing the inside, which meets the Uber drivers’ primary demand for dash cams.

In addition, 2.4 inch LCD of GS65H makes it discreet, a discreet camera kit is additionally favored by Uber drivers, as some passengers might not be snug with an oversized camera on the windshield, passengers may feel more relaxed with a little unnoticeable camera.Moreover, GS65H have a wide field of view, front lens 150°wide angle and rear lens 130°wide angle, which will not easily miss necessary things that perhaps happening just outside its view.

Other specs include an advanced IR filter, a 6-layer glass lens, a large F1.8 aperture -which greatly improve the night vision recording – and a silicone suction mount for easier installation and removal. All features that build GS65H additional attractive.

To this end, we recommend that every Uber driver who is serious regarding safety takes the time to invest in a dash camera and AZDOME GS65H was designed with professional drivers in mind and is truly the ideal dash cam for those in this profession. You can head over to the official website of AZDOME to find out more regarding Azdome GS65H and follow Azdome on their Facebook page to induce service and it keeps you always aware of the latest advances, News, Updates, review, and giveaway.


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