B7 Bluetooth Earphone Smart Wristband Review You Can Use as a Bluetooth Headset


B7 Bluetooth Earphone Smart Wristband, a Bluetooth headset smart wristband, is your faithful friend who brings a lot of sunshine in your life. When you are on the phone and jogging at the same time, it still will track your sports; When you go to sleep, it will still keep on work, monitor your sleep; Of course, you can use it to make Bluetooth dialing, listen to music and make hands-free calls. B7, fully serve for you!


Among its features, we highlight its wide screen of 0.73 inches, B7 designed for people who are always on and always in style.B7 has something unique for music-lovers, tech users, and smartphone mavens. B7 delivers an incredible sound experience in a wearable that’s on the cutting edge of modern fashion trends. B7 make carrying headphones convenient and fashionable. It is made of soft materials, very convenient and reliable. The screen is protected from scratches. Equipped with earphone and microphone, use as a headset for the phone does not require the installation of special applications on your smartphone, only the presence of Bluetooth. The overall product dimension (length, width, and height) is 230*25*13mm. That means the size is very justified for any good smartwatch. The case material used for this wrist watch is PVC and the band material used is Silica.


There is a motion sensor, B7 smart band counts the number of steps, distance, calories, watches your sleep. Supports the function of measuring the heartbeat. The earphone is made of quality materials, the noise reduction function will make your conversation comfortable. Waterproof to IP67(life Waterproof). Excellent battery B7 for 100 mAh. The standby mode is about 150 hours and 10 hours of continuous talk time.


At the moment B7 Bluetooth Earphone Smart Wristband is in pre-sale for $16.99 on Banggood, perhaps a higher price than we are accustomed, but its multiple functions make it very attractive for sportsmen who want to monitor some sports in more detail than other low-cost bracelets. You can find more details here.


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