Babahu X1 Smart Toothbrush Review: A 1st AI Powered Hand Free Toothbrush Smart Chip, Nine-axis Sensor Clean In 20 Seconds


Babahu X1 smart toothbrush starting to utilize rotating brushes to brush their teeth consistently. Be that as it may, as per examine, numerous individuals still utilize the wrong technique for brushing their teeth even with a rotating brush; they rush to put in a few minutes brushing their teeth previously the beginning of their day. for general suburbanites.


The design of BABAHU X1 is really made you feel comfortable a dental consideration mark, cases to explain the agony point and present a progressive electric tooth called BABAHU X1, the world’s first AI-fueled programmed toothbrush. BABAHU is sturdy, and the whole toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof, it can function admirably regardless of whether you drop it in water. Also, because of the counter fall plan, it won’t break when unintentionally dropped. Charging isn’t simple for the oscillating brush, to take care of the issue, the X1 has a quick Qi remote charging highlight, and the backup time is 30 days with a 2-hour charge.

BABAHU X1 is made of silicone affirmed by the FDA (Florida Dental Association) and is IPX7 ensured, so it will be waterproof and impervious to falls and stuns. Backings Qi remote charging and, with just 2 hours of charging, you can utilize it for 30 sequential days.


BABAHU X1 utilizes propelled AI innovation for the two kids and grown-ups to harness the teeth productively and precisely! It accompanies a U-formed plan, you should simply crush the toothpaste and place the mouthpiece in your mouth, at that point turn on the ability to begin brushing your teeth consequently. It is totally conceivable to have your hands free and enable you to blend some espresso, watch the news or the calendar of today while brushing your teeth!

The novel and most critical element is that it is worked with inventive shrewd parceling calculations, which isolate your teeth into various regions, for example, front teeth, teeth or salivation, and after that brush They are at various frequencies, the correct way.

What’s more, BABAHU offers 3 unique sizes for 3 distinct (ages 2 ~ 6, 6 ~ 13, more than 13), and astutely distinguishes diverse discourse answers for kids and grown-ups, Provide the solace level that is most appropriate for you. On the strategy for brushing, BABAHU X1 is worked with the well known Bass method, which is suggested by over 80% of dental practitioners around the globe. 6D very delicate fibers cover your teeth from 6 sides with an explicit 45 degree edge. Brushing the correct way and science is so straightforward!


Babahu X1 Smart toothbrush is the another best product the ones who uses toothbrush daily and wisely. it has the best features and excellent design with best battery timing. you can buy this from the Indiegogo fundraising to check the price click here.


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