Bakeey G20 Review – Bluetooth Call Supported Smartwatch For Just $31.99 at Banggood


Bakeey G20 smartwatch is a copy of a Huawei Watch GT 2 with just one button, but with similar features, including Bluetooth calling. But since it has its own speaker, it is essentially a portable speaker. Of course, it also measures heart rate and knows everything like smartwatches in general.

Buy Bakeey G20 Smartwatch From Banggood


Bakeey G20 a pretty good looking smartwatch with a black or silver metal case and a number of (replaceable, 22mm) straps – which is not really unique as it closely resembles the Huawei Watch GT 2 smartwatch. The IPS’ touch screen has a pleasantly large 1.3 ″ size with 240 * 240 pixels resolution and variable brightness. It is a round display, so not just a rectangular display is placed in the round watch face. The watch face is changeable and the display turns on to rotate or raise the wrist if required. The battery has a capacity of 290mAh, which provides power for up to 8 days.

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Bakeey G20 smartwatch is very rich in features. It supports several different sports, including running, walking, etc. Not only does it display the incoming call, but it can also complete a call via Bluetooth, so it has a built-in microphone and speaker. You can make a call from the watch itself, of course. Because your phone transmits sound, it can be used to transmit any sound. This raises some interesting possibilities, because this way you can say a video eg. on Youtube or any app, and if your voice is interesting in particular, you can hang up the phone and listen without your headset. Not necessarily music, because it may not be good enough, but for example a stand-up, audiobook, etc. that is why it is usually enjoyable during classes.

Obviously, if you are able to transmit sounds, then music, which can be not only mp3 or something like that, but also come from some music streaming application. If you do not have a genuine operating system (such as Android Wear), the firmware is responsible for its operation. It also comes with a mobile app to set up and use it more efficiently. Some functions can be used without any extra equipment, such as pedometer or heart rate measurement, sport modes. The collected data can then later be synchronized with your mobile phone and tablet.


Bakeey G20 Smartwatch allows the user to check messages, and view notifications directly on the large screen. It allows you to tracks your fitness status with the built-in heart rate sensor. G20 Smartwatch avaialble on Banggood for just $31.99 for 100 pcs limited for the first batch

Buy Bakeey G20 Smartwatch From Banggood


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