Bakeey G26 Review : A Fitness Smartwatch Color Display Blood Oxygen Pressure Heart Rate (Limited for 80pcs)


The G26 Smart Sports Bracelet is uniquely intended for sports. There are four games modes for you to browse: running mode, cycling mode, climbing mode, strolling mode, and you can choose the games mode you require by exchanging interface, exact account and private administration.


The desing is really beautiful it comes with best material used while manufacturing. it has the utilizing the worldwide standard 1P67 waterproofThe G26 brilliant arm wristband meets the global IP67 waterproof and dustproof standard, which can viably keep the erosion of beauty care products, day by day necessities, sweat, and so forth., can be worn when washing hands or showers, with the call/message update, never again stress over the telephone call/letter when scrubbing down.

105mAh extensive limit battery, adequate battery life Since the G26 shrewd wrist trinket highlight rich and full-shading IPS screen, the influence utilization increments is an awesome long term hardship; so we utilize 105mAh expansive limit battery and low-influence chip with cutting edge calculation configuration, to guarantee the accomplishment of the 21 stand day and 7 long periods of utilization life. Great quality, world debut.

The G26 Smart Bracelet is the first to utilize the in-shape embellishing IMO procedure to keep up a durable attack of shading and surface materials, making it less inclined to staining and maturing. In the meantime, it receives nourishment review two-shading fluid silicone matenal, which has common private tend to the skin, and has the high caliber of tear quality, versatility and maturing opposition.


G26 brilliant arm wristband with sensors to screen heart rate,blood weight and oxygen, screen the heart rate and pulse at general interims, break down and record the deliberate information precisely, and give reference indications with authentic information.G26 shrewd wrist trinket will precisely record your day by day steps, remove, links, giving complete wellbeing information to you, in the meantime appear in the cell phone APP, assemble wellbeing information outline intermittently.

The G26 brilliant wrist trinket is lightweight and agreeable to wear; the astute equipment framework tracks and investigates the nature of rest during the evening, tracks rest span and profundity, and gives profitable direction; when the wake up timer is utilized, the wrist trinket can wake you up with a slight vibration. G26 Smart Bracelet oversees approaching calls/message updates progressively. At the point when there is an approaching call or message on the cell phone, the arm wristband tenderly vibrates personally to help you to remember approaching calls or messages; you can get push messages from different social programming, with the goal that you are never again stressed over missing a cell phone call or message, you can likewise straightforwardly press and hang up when you are badly arranged to reply.

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Bakeey G26 wristband has many features like In the wake of entering the G26 brilliant wrist trinket stopwatch interface, the single point begins/delays the stopwatch check; from that point on, the development is not any more monotonous, also, appreciate the race to race against time! you can easily buy this from Banggood with $17.99. (Limited for 80pcs)


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