Bakeey IP Camera Review – 355° 1080P Smart Home Wifi IP Camera For Just $16.99 at Banggood


Bakeey Wifi IP Camera easy to set up can stream video to your phone, tablet or PC, and will send you alerts if they detect motion. Night vision and automatic motion-activated recording (When SD Card inserted) Function is also provided.

Buy Bakeey IP Camera From Banggood


Bakeey Wifi IP Camera has Smart functions combined with a unique style. Here effectively played with white and black colors. The memory card slot is hidden from prying eyes. The head has a circular shape at the rear part thereof has openings for cooling and good air circulation. You can use a smartphone, tablet, TV, PC or laptop for remote viewing. Choose what you prefer, and monitor your home at any time and in any place. The base Bakeey Wifi IP Camera has a threaded mounting screw. So you can choose different installation options: on a table, wall, ceiling. This is also making the camera travel-friendly. The overall dimension of Bakeey Wifi IP Camera is 110 x 110 x 80 mm. The camera is very lightweight and tiny to be fixed or carry anywhere.


The camera offers a resolution of 1080P with a viewing angle of 100°, in order to better monitor the surrounding area through the app. The double rotation allows the camera to acquire a horizontal view of 355 ° and a vertical view of 90 °. The camera can rotate like an eye, or automatically set the target to a preset target by sending notifications via the App. If something abnormal happens, the AL algorithm can recognize the human form, distinguish intruders from the windswept curtains, to avoid fakes alarms. The opening F2.0allows greater light socket, while the 940 nm infrared illuminator with 6 bulbs increases visibility in the dark. Alfawise’s N816 IP Cam has a dual microphone that should allow for excellent audio capture thanks to bi-directional audio. In addition to the classic position on furniture or similar, the Cam can also be fixed to the ceiling, clearly setting a rotation of 180 ° through the App.


The Bakeey Wifi IP Camera is an excellent IP camera, feature-rich and comes with a very affordable price tag. Most of all, this is manufactured by a very well-known brand Bakeey. So we can surely trust this device. If you are looking to improve your home security, I will definitely recommend you to try this awesome gadget. it’s Available on Banggood at $16.99 in Flash Sale for 40 pcs limited, for the first batch at the lowest price.

Buy Bakeey IP Camera From Banggood


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