Bakeey T6 Review – SPO2/Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Smartwatch For Just $21.99 at Banggood


Bakeey is one brand known for the production of amazing smartwatches and wristbands. Over the years, they’ve been able to create a large fan base, and have always maintained there standard by releases amazing wristbands on a regular. The brand recently released the Bakeey T6 Smartwatch and this is a great opportunity for you to get a smartwatch for a very affordable price. It is a very good Heart Rate / Sleep Monitor / Blood Pressure Measurement with a very large display, unlike other smart bracelets/watches.

Buy Bakeey T6 Smartwatch From Banggood


The Bakeey T6 is a new smart bracelet featuring the style of classic watches. Yes, it’s a polycarbonate and aluminum body with a thermoplastic bracelet, but the bracelet has a classic buckle and the device’s screen is round. Speaking of the screen – this is a 240 x 240pixels resolution color TFT. The high definition device is easy to read in both dark and dazzling sunlight. The Bakeey T6 is rugged, rugged (IP68), and lightweight (50g). Although it doesn’t have GPS or integration with social networks, many people will enjoy the versatility of this item.

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Bakeey T6 smartwatch is very rich in features. It supports several different sports, including running, walking, etc. Not only does it display the incoming call, but it can also complete a call via Bluetooth, so it has a built-in microphone and speaker. You can make a call from the watch itself, of course. Because your phone transmits sound, it can be used to transmit any sound. This raises some interesting possibilities, because this way you can say a video eg. on Youtube or any app, and if your voice is interesting in particular, you can hang up the phone and listen without your headset. Not necessarily music, because it may not be good enough. But for example a stand-up, audiobook, etc. that is why it is usually enjoyable during classes.

Obviously, if you are able to transmit sounds, then music, which can be not only mp3 or something like that, but also come from some music streaming application. If you do not have a genuine operating system (such as Android Wear), the firmware is responsible for its operation. It also comes with a mobile app to set up and use it more efficiently. Some functions can be used without any extra equipment, such as pedometer or heart rate measurement, sport modes. The collected data can then later be synchronized with your mobile phone and tablet.


Bakeey T6 Smartwatch allows the user to check messages, and view notifications directly on the large screen. It allows you to tracks your fitness status with the built-in heart rate sensor. T6 Smartwatch avaialble on Banggood for just $21.99 for 100 pcs limited for the first batch.

Buy Bakeey T6 Smartwatch From Banggood


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