Bakeey X9 3ATM Review: A Wristband with IP68 Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor


Bakeey X9 3ATM is a gadget that makes you live in more advantageous and more wise way of life. It deals with your games circumstance that you can know your body condition better. It tracks steps and demonstrates to you how you’re stacking up against your every day objectives. Moreover, you can share your information on Facebook and Twitter, which may empower you and your companions to do exercise and bring enthusiasm up in sports.


Bakeey X9 3ATM Smart Wristband is an average exemplary plan smartwatch, it looks mold with four shading support, including Black, Red, Blue, Silver. The Bakeey X9 3ATM Smart Wristband has a hardened best body a cowhide lash with a tempered with different materials. It has a shading screen show, a good inch screen with Color Screen with contact key help, it has better determination.

makes the gadget quick and profitable has a low voltage stage and shrewdly and financially devours battery control. The battery of 100mAh hasana ultra-long term of activity achieving 13 days without energizing, which demonstrates the brilliant execution of the.


Bakeey X9 3ATM  Brilliant Wristband has a dozing screen, heart rate screen, circulatory strain screen and blood oxygen screen which can assist you with knowing your wellbeing circumstance obviously and rapidly. It likewise has a great games mode, which tracks your progression check (pedometer), add up to separate strolled, remove situating, heart rate information, day by day calories consumed to give precise criticism on your games activity.And more clever is that it has bunches of update capacity, for example, Alarm update, Drink update, stationary update, call update, data update.


Bakeey X9 3ATM is the best smartwatch which empowers numerous highlights, with respect to the Color Screen and configuration is superbly made for your wrist. Bakeey X9 3ATM  is another the best wrist band for you and it gives you all the features. you can easily buy Bakeey X9 3ATM  from Banggood with $19.99


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