Banggood 11:11 Global Shopping Carnival For 48 Hours You Can,t Miss Lower Price Storm


Banggood is one of the largest e-commerce in China is gonna to launch its Double Eleven Shopping Carnival for you from November 11th to November 12th. Actually, it has begun on October 23rd with the part called warming up, along with a series of sales activities. But the most important is Double 11 Shopping Carnival in which 48-hour flash deals, snap-ups, wonderful coupons are available in every category. THE FINAL SURPRISE ARRIVES! Here comes the countdown crazy 48 hours of Banggood’s Global Shopping Carnival. That means you only have 48 hours to fight for your shopping list.

Before you pay, remember to use the coupon to cut down the prices Up to 50% Off. Be sure to pay attention to the coupon them valid in 48 hours. A full site of can be used. However, the coupon can be used only once, and 10:00 UTC+8 time, Code will unlock on Nov 11th.

The top 3 biggest orders placed during the 11.11 Price Storm will receive the “all in to win prizes. 11.11 Price Storm begins at 10:00 am Nov. 10 and ends at 10:00 am Nov. 12 (UTC+8). If there are same payment amount, the earlier orders ranking will be preferred. Winners will be announced and personally emailed on Nov. 15. Banggood Ltd. Reserves All Rights. You will enjoy some amazing gifts such as Chuwi Hi10 Plus, Ulefone Mix, and Eachine E58 RC Drone. We believe you will be lucky to win them for free.

Banggood 11.11 flash sale offers special offers in incredible discounts. Products cover the bestselling smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics.

in the ‘Highly Recommended’ section, they have chosen some most competitive smartphones, tv boxes, smartwatches, laptops, tablet pcs, toys, home security products, automobile stuff, and other electronics. You can need to check all of them carefully to compare and then opt the best one you want. We believe these products will not let you down. You will feel the bottom price you haven’t seen before.

In this Phase, you can find others deal promos, in these promos you will get very low prices. Great offers to enjoy and along with it lots of excitement and refreshment to enjoy too. Banggood has beautifully arranged this “ 11:11 ” Global Shopping Carnival for their customers. Customers will not only enjoy buying different products in an impressive price range along with lots of others excitements.


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