Baofeng Mojing Cardboard Experience Edition DIY your Virtual Reality VR Headset at $3.6


When we talk about VR, we must not miss Baofeng Mojing Cardboard Experience Edition. Right now we are enthusiasm with the VR market. According to investigation, VR market has won the investment up to 11 billion dollors which is higher than that of last year. Therefore, this year has become best one of VR. Because it gives you the unestimated imagination and developing space.
Virtual Reality is actually to bring people to build up virtual environment, whether users experience what kind of VR, it emphasize on immersive feeling. Under this kind of circumstance, content value will be the core value of Virtual reality.
Baofeng as one of the best tech companies, it not only developed VR mojing independently, and take acquisition film companies specialized in video, or movies which becomes the best support for its VR.
Baofeng Mojing Cardboard Experience Edition

Baofeng Mojing has released many products since 2014. These VR device has not only the experience of watching the video, but also put you into the real 3D games to play games happily.

But i would like to introduce the latest model, Baofeng Mojing Cardboard Experience Edition which sells at 20yuan or $3.6, which has the cheap price, and can meet your needs for self assembly. Just DIY your own visual reality headset.

It can insert in 5inch to 5.7inch screen smartphone, support Android and IOS system, and 1080p screen resolution, it’s worthwhile to mention Baofeng Mojing app provides numerous resource to experience, and you can experience the online games, tv show, movies, etc. And it supports updating the resource any time any where.

More and more people realize that vr in the future can not be like tranditional 2D screen. It needs revolutionary and innovative change. If you want to accumulate the more VR customers earlier, the social network will be the best state. Although VR is quite hot, it’s not so popular among the people. Some rich men have time and money to experience it, and those VR owners only have 5 to 10 minutes to experience for those old VR consumers. Right now it is very hard to realize VR users online. Under this circumstance, VR headset doesn’t need to like skype, facebook, twitter to make instant communication. It only meet the needs of interaction with the users. This is also the important direction of Baofeng Mojing. Therefore, Baofeng Mojing Cardboard Experience Edition will be hot for most users. It supports ordering now.


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