Baofengvr S1 3D Virtual Reality Headset With Remote Control Review (Coupon Included)


Electronic companies are taking the positive response to VR to fuel their confidence and are launching better and better versions of the VR headsets day by day. The VR headsets once a sci-fi concept is now a reality and moreover a common gadget to be found in everyone’s home. One such VR headset it the Baofengvr S1 3D, There are many entry level VR Headsets out there but this by far offers a much more premium and authentic VR experience and comes with an Android Remote Control. We have also manage to snap in a coupon exclusively for our readers.

The design of this VR headset is quite simplistic or minimalistic, its dipped in an all chalk white color and quite modernistic. It almost feels premium in hand and sturdy while holding it. The question of being a premium VR Headset? Yes I would say so, because they have given attention to details here like the Headstrap hinges with a unique Circular shape and another small circle inside it. You probably cannot ask for a more premium look and feel from this VR headset considering its modest pricing.

Baofengvr S1 3D Virtual Reality Headset

The hardware inside the VR headset is also quite what we can expect from any other VR headset, features like adjustable InterPupilary Distance and Focal length adjustment are all available to suit as per your needs. The VR has a 110 Degree FOV and can comfortably fit in a smartphone with screen-sizes ranging 4.7 – 5.5 inch. It has a PMMA biconvex lens, adjustable headstraps to increase wearing comfort. Lastly you also get an Android Remote control for better interfacing and navigation without interruption.

The Baofengvr S1 3D VR Headset offers you a premium design and feel, has all the necessary features you could ask from a VR Headset and asks for a humble price in exchange which is quite a good deal around you can get. Moreover using our coupon code : GB9% you can get this VR for just $45.99 which means you get a 10% discount on the selling price.


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