Baseus Unveiled the World’s First QC5 Certified 100W Charger


This year, Qualcomm showed off multiple Android phones supporting QC5 charging protocol and charging head products with QC5 certification in order to show its “muscle”. But the latest 100W GaN charger is from Baseus, which is the world’s first charger that supports the QC5 fast charging protocol, and it has also obtained the world’s first QC5 technical certification, which was issued by the well-known safety certification organization UL.

At the same time, it also supports PD fast charging protocol, compatible with more charging devices. It uses GaN 3rd-gen semiconductor new materials, which not only makes the charging head compact but also has excellent heat control.

At the scene, we can see that the 100W GaN charger of Baseus adopts a single USB-C output port, and the “Qualcomm Quick Charge 5” logo is also printed below, indicating that the charging head has passed Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 ( QC5) Certification.

There is also an LED indicator on the edge of the charger, which is convenient for users to observe the charging status at any time. This charger adopts a foldable design, and the folding storage volume is more compact, and it can be placed in a bag when traveling to avoid scratching other devices.

In the charging gear, it supports 5V3A, 12V3A, 9V5A, 15V5A, 20V5A, which not only meets the charging requirements of phones but also supports laptop charging.

With the release of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the flagship products of various mobile phone manufacturers will inevitably adopt this chip next year. With the launch of a wave of flagship products next year, smartphone peripheral products such as charger products will usher in a wave of sales peaks.

As the world’s first charger that supports the QC5 fast charging protocol, Baseus has taken the lead in technical support and first created a good charger for users, allowing them to experience QC5 fast charging in advance.

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