BATLE TANKS… are kitties, compared to this PHONE!!! Unihertz Tank full review


Welcome , Today I have prepared a video for you about a very special , a unique , smartphone and I believed that it has been designed for very few people . It is the Unihertz Tank which is really a tank, BATLE TANKS are kitties compared to it and it was sent to me directly from the manufacturing company
I have it already for 3 months . The people that watch my channel know that I like to prove whatever I say , so make a coffee , get some pop corn and come to see it with me in an interactive way with narration and live tests .

Visit on Unihertz official Website


Let’s start with the charger with a bit more detail
It is a charger with an output of 66 Wats with the PD Protocol

This phone comes with a 22000mah battery and the 66 Watt output of the charger aren’t much but this charger has the capability to charge the phone from 0% to 90% in about 2 hours .I believe this is a very good charging time .
Now let’s see a video clip with the phone charging at 69% ( we all know that the higher the battery is charged , the lower the charging wattage ) . Here we have 10.4 Volts , 5.7 A ( If I recall correctly ) about 60 Watts . I believe that this is a pretty good output for the charger .

Le’ts go to the good stuff ( the main course )
Let me begin by saying that since we talked about the battery and the charger ( I already mentioned that I have this phone for a very long time ) and I have tested it thoroughly with heavy professional usage WITHOUT GAMING , with a lot of social media messages , phone calls , etc . The smartphone battery lasts as many as 5 days easily . So depending on your needs , you can estimate how long the battery will last .

Let me remind you what I have said in the beginning that this phone is designed for very few people .
For example for people that live for a long time in the wild or for people that love gadgets and don’t mind spending a bit extra.
Prevention is the best cure . Let’s consider for a minute that you have this phone in your emergency backpack , we all know what happened in Turkey with the earthquake . Am not predicting that’s something is going to happen but
,YOU NEVER KNOW, Some things must be prepared and ready at anytime and since this phone has a lot of features that help in various difficult circumstances , after all that’s the reason it was designed for , maybe it is suitable for a few people and now let’s go to the Dimensions .

Length : 176,0 mm
Width : 85,3 mm
thickness : 23,9 mm

This phone has such a thickness because it has 2 batteries of 11000mah each in it .

Weight : 560 gr

A bit more that half a kilogram . And you can easily exercise yours muscles while taking with it . If you are wondering how are you supposed to carry such a heavy phone please
consider that a normal smartphone and a 10.000 mah powerbank have about the same weight . For those that think that with the powerbank , someone can charge other devices , then please consider that it is possible to do the same
with this phone . All you have to do is connect the charging ports of the phones using the type c ports .

The screen size is 6.81 inches with a resolution of 2340*1080p with a 60 Hz refresh rate . I don’t have any information about the brightness but we don’t need it because
we have a video with a 360 degrees rotation at noon.

I think that for an LCD TFT screen it performs quite well . Since we have already observed how the screen performs under the sunlight let’s see the 4k video clip with which we test every smartphone screen

Let’s see a snippet of the 4k Video to check the performance of the screen . ( Το 4Κ video ) . The screen is configured with the highest setting for brightness . Let’s check the video settings , the video quality settings , Let’s configure it with the maximum available quality . The maximum available video quality is 1440p , 2K video .

I believe the screen performance during the video was a really decent one for what this phone is , a rugged smartphone . What you expect from a rugged smartphone is that it is durable . We are going to see various durability tests .In order to give you a hint about we are going to see , we don’t only speak about a highly durable smartphone but for a smartphone with a lot of other good features like the cpu and with very good camera equipment .

This smartphone is made from aluminum and durable plastic with a very durable frame which can sustain it’s own weight 560 gr during a drop because the stress force during a drop from a reasonable height are more than doubled . (check it at the video)

One the right side of the phone . On the right side we can see the aluminum frame , The on/off button which serves also as the fingerprint sensor . The fingerprint sensor doesn’t always perform as expected . Sometimes it works smoothly , sometimes it doesn’t . At this point let me say that this phone is a copy of my main smartphone with a lot of applications and running processes something that might have a negative effect on it’s performance .

Topside we can find the IR blaster port otherwise known as infrared port like our beloved Xiaomi smartphones . With this infrared port the smartphone might serve as a remote control .. I have configured my Samsung TV Set for testing purposes . It works pretty smoothly and it is really convinient to have an infrared port on our smartphones .

The smartphone supports 2 nanosims but it doesn’t support a microSD .
On the left side we can see two buttons , A red one and another one with a recess a bit higher up . The red button like in a lot of rugged smartphones is a programable one and you can program it with whatever function you want .
I have programmed it to turn on the small led with one click and with a double click I can take a screenshot.

The top button turns on the big led ,
yes all this thing is a led which outputs 1200 lumens ( tested ) which are the same as the output of a pretty good flashlight . It can literally turn darkness to day .

The test doesn’t do it justice with the light balance but it is a really really powerful led .
This powerful led can be turned on with a long press of the top left button with a short press we can diminish the brightness or we can switch to a pretty powerful strobe .

The sound output is positioned in such a way that with the sound diffusion it is as if we have stereo sound whereas in reality we actually have monophonic sound . The sound quality is certainly above the average as is the sound volume with an output of 90 dB .

We observe again the big led which is as if we have a pretty good flashlight on our phone and below it under the unihertz logo is the NFC chip . Indeed it has an NFC Chip and indeed it works smoothly and you are now watching , you are going to watch a small video clip with a test payment

We still have 2 very good features of the smartphone to examine . A pretty good CPU , a Mediatek G99 which is the very same chip as the one on the upcoming brand new model of realme , realme 10
The smartphone has an 108 MP main camera which works pretty well and an infrared camera at 20 MP for night vision . At this point let me remind you the prime usage of this phone which is for people that stay alone , out in the wild for long periods of time or for the emergency backpack and these are not all because we have more .
Where shall we start . From the camera equipment and night vision ??? I forgot to mention that besides the night vision this smartpone supports underwater photography and video capturing . Because due to it’s certification with MIL-STD810H and the IP68 Certification it can support underwater phorography and video capturing and we are going to check it .(at the video)

The video clip from the night vision camera which is of premium quality and with the IR LEDs that are present it enables you to watch at a distance of 10 m in pitch black darkness
If you hold your smartphone casually like any other smartphone at a distance of 15 – 20 cm from your eyes you can walk without a problem in pitch black darkness without a flash light or any other extra equipment
Am reallt amazed from the performance of the night vision camera

Since we talked about software let’s go back to the CPU . This smartpphone comes wit ha Mediatek G99 CPU which is a mid – low range performance chip with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space which really performs superbly .
As we are going to see it scored 369,000 points in the Antutu benchmark . The most impressive thing during the test was the unbelievably low temperature of the smartphone during the test which didn’t exceeded 27 degrees Centigrade

With Asphalt 9 that I tried since am really bad at games it performs really well , so I believe that with games that don’t have pretty heavy graphics video requirments , it performs really well .

Finally I want to say a couple of things about he toolbox which contains a set of applications which are commonly found in all rugged smartphones . Heart Rate Measurements , or sound volume measurements are really really bad
Except some standard applications which are the compass and the SOS , the rest of the applications are of rather poor quality and should be used with extreme caution , if at all , so don’t pay much attention to them either on this smartphone or another rugged smartphone .

In Conclusion
this smartphone has accumulated whatever a smartphone at the price range of about 250 – 300 euro and a power bank and an assortment of other features that don’t exist on a standard smartphone ( like night vision , like IP68 Certification , MIL-STD810H) . I believe that through the review and the test videos I managed to pass on , all the information that are required in order for you to decide if you belong to the group that this smartphone is intented to . In the description below am going to have all the necessary information that are required in case you want to purchase it .

Visit on Unihertz official Website

Many thanks to my friend Kostas Sfakiotakis for the translation

Until the next time … Bye


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