Beelink GT1-A Review: Ultra Smart PUBG Gaming TV Box


Nowadays, there are great advantages to having several resources available in a single TV box. You can then access your library of movies, series or music and access to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube. You can also access games, Internet browsing, applications, and even your files through local or remote storage (Kodi or Plex), almost like a multitude of possibilities. Get to know the Beelink GT1-A and other suggestions at great prices. Beelink is a well-known brand in the world of the boxes of TV, of which already we have spoken here sometimes, by its interesting offer.

Beelink GT1-A is a new Android TV-Box from which we present your analysis or review today. A new box of the Beelink brand that surprises us with this reissue of Beelink GT1 Ultimate with the addition of Android TV as a system, remote control with voice control and support for Netflix 4K. A box that mounts the powerful SoC Amlogic S912 Octa Core, also integrates 3GB of DDR3 RAM and 32GB of internal storage, has a dual-band Wifi adapter, Bluetooth 4.0 and has Gigabit Ethernet. Let’s see in our review how this device behaves and how the new additions that we find in this version work.


When it comes to the design of the GT1-A Beelink has followed a similar trend to the packaging by keeping the GT1-A to a nice and simple design. The box is square like other Android boxes and is quite small, the device, however, feels much more sturdy than a lot of the other media players out there. The box definitely feels more premium than others on the market today.

The Beelink GT1-A is constructed of a high-quality black and grey plastic with ports located around the sides of the box. On top of the box, there is a pattern similar to that of carbon which looks nice with the Beelink logo printed on top.


The TV-Box Beelink GT1-A maintains the design of the Ultimate version and has the classic plastic box with the logo on top. On the front, we have a bright white LED. At the connector level, we find two USB 2.0 ports, we also have HDMI 2.0 connector up to 4K @ 60fps, microSD reader, SPDIF and the power connector.

As standard, we have a very simple command and it serves to perform the basic functions if we press the microphone button we can use Google Assistant or any specific search for apps like YouTube or Netflix. From the command, we can not access the multitasking, a pity though maybe Beelink updates it in the future.

Oddly no audio jack output or AV socket on this machine points generally claimed by the Chinese public precisely. Two USB 2.0 jacks are also available, enough to connect a wireless keyboard or a joystick but also able to play video contents stored on a USB key. Note that the supplied remote control is apparently used with a USB dongle and therefore it will be necessary to rely on one free USB port on both available.

The Beelink GT1-A comes with all of the ports that you should require in order to hook it up to your home entertainment setup. On the right side of the device, you will find USB and Micro SD ports. Flipping the device to its rear you will find optical audio, Ethernet, HMDI, another USB port, and power adapter. It would have been great to see an extra USB port if possible but I am sure 2 ports should be enough for most people.


As for power, the Beelink GT1-A has very good results in the line of the new SoC Amlogic S912 Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A53 processors and Mali-G31 MP2 GPU in a very good position. observing the results we can see how it is almost on par with the most powerful SoC Amlogic, in general section is below that yes of powerful SoC like the Rockchip RK3399 that already has ARM Cortex-A73 cores, in general, an excellent product with ridiculous consumption.

At the level of multimedia playback, the Beelink GT1-A behaves perfectly using the new SoC Amlogic S912, which has video output support for HDMI 2.1 that theoretically allows maximum resolution up to 4K @ 75fps with HDR information. We also have AV jack output for stereo or old TV audio. The solution offers a Wifi5 and Bluetooth 4.0 and a Gigabit Ethernet connector, a good point almost essential to enjoy a sufficiently stable flow for Netflix UltraHD. The small box also supports the HDMI CEC function to control other compatible devices.


The Beelink GT1-A design looks nice and simple and thankfully the setup process is also very simple. In order to set up the Android box, you simply need to connect the HDMI cable and plug in the power adapter which will then start the boot process. The boot time was approximately 21 seconds after which we were taken to the Beelink launcher.

Once the device has booted up you are able to configure any settings you would like via the settings menu such as internet connection, display, etc. I am using an Ethernet connection which did not require and set up on the GT1 in order to get it connected and working. The GT1-A comes with the new Beelink Android 8.1 launcher which looks great. The launcher is very easy to navigate and looks great when displayed on a large TV.


Regarding Wi-Fi connections, the Android TV Beelink GT1-A has a Wi-Fi wireless adapter 2.4/5GHz ac with Bluetooth 4.0 with which we connect with an ASUS RT-AC1200G + Router, a mid-range device. We perform tests on the use of streaming using the iPerf measurement tool to see the maximum performance of each network adapter.

As we see in the tests, the internal storage speed is excellent, which makes the system move quickly. We also have as a novelty with a USB 3.0 port that allows us much higher reading speeds than the classic USB 2.0 although the writing does not reach the maximum of this type of ports.

Verdict & Buy

The Beelink GT1-A is identical to the hardware level of the classic Ultimate model, this is a device that moves smoothly thanks to the powerful SoC Amlogic S912. In terms of connectivity, we have a Wifi ac adapter with the internal antenna and we also have good network speed thanks to its Gigabit Ethernet port that allows us to get the most out of our local files. A processor that allows us to also run powerful games like PUBG and all kinds of Android apps.

The Beelink GT1-A model has also integrated 3GB of DDR3 RAM and internal storage eMMC that shows in the fluidity when loading several apps from the internal memory. This model behaves well as a video player with KODI but it stands out in its ability to play Netflix 4K by means of modification and the integrated DRM (for now other services are missing). The firmware to be Beelink based on Android TV 7 64bit is quite worked and offers us root selector and the option of automatic refresh change in video playback, we can also use the remote control by voice quite efficiently.

Beelink GT1-A is now available on Gearbest For Just $79.99 On Flash sale. and further, if you want to check officially about Beelink GT1-A you can check the official page of Beelink.


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