Best Deal of Chuwi Tablet PC From Chinese Stores Only Valid in Two Days


Chuwi has held its great Chuwi 12th Anniversary from September 12 to September 25, as you know, Gearbest , Geekbuying, Efox as ones of the biggest retailer of Chuwi have also held the Chuwi tablet pc best deal in order to congratulate Chuwi 12th anniversary. But we found they have larger discounts in the last two days. Therefore, we share this great deal for you.


1) CHUWI HiBook Pro 2 in 1 Ultrabook Tablet PC
Gearbest:  Chuwi HIBOOK Pro at $229.89   Stock:  97 PCs Left
Geekbuying: Chuwi HIBOOK Pro at $199.99 
efox: Chuwi HIBOOK Pro at €194.99

2) Chuwi Hi12 Tablet PC
Gearbest: CHUWI HI12 at $229.89     Stock:  242 Pieces left
Geekbuying: CHUWI HI12 at $239.99
EFOXChuwi HI12 at €269.99
ChinavasionChuwi HI12 at $254.99

3) CHUWI HI10 PLUS Tablet PC
Gearbest:  Chuwi HI10 Plus at $198.36   Stock: 87 Pieces left
Geekbuying: Chuwi HI10 Plus at $199.99
EFOX–Chuwi HI10 Plus at €199.99

4) CHUWI Hi10 Pro 2 in 1 Ultrabook Tablet PC
Gearbest: Chuwi HI10 Pro at  $159.99   Stock:  72 Pieces left  Coupon code: intel25                                             After coupon price: $154.39    Valid from  Sep 26th — Oct 3th
Geekbuying: Chuwi HI10 Pro at $169.99
EFOX: Chuwi HI10 Pro at €159.99

5) Chuwi HI8 Pro Tablet PC
Gearbest: Chuwi HI8 Pro at $93.31
Geekbuying: Chuwi HI8 Pro +Bluetooth Keyboard with Case at $109.99
EFOX- Chuwi HI8 Pro at  €92.99
Chinavasion– Chuwi HI8 Pro at $93.99

6) CHUWI VI10 PLUS Tablet PC
Gearbest: Chuwi VI10 Plus at $131.89 Stock: 85 Pieces left , Check more details here.
Geekbuying: Chuwi VI10 Plus at $149.99 
Efox: Chuwi vi10 plus at €135.99  

7) Chuwi eBook Stylus Tablet PC
Gearbest: Chuwi Ebook at $155.85 
Efox: Chuwi Ebook at €132.99 
Chinavasion: Chuwi Ebook at $155.22

8) CHUWI HiBook 2 in 1 Ultrabook Tablet PC
Gearbest:  Chuwi HIBOOK at $194.02   Only four days left.
Efox: Chuwi HIBOOK at €209.99
Chinavasion: Chuwi HIBOOK at $189.99

Therefore, we can see these prices of Chuwi Tablet PC are the lowest until now. It’s your best time to catch Chuwi Tablet PC. In addition, Chuwi has started to hold Chuwi HI10 Plus 3 units giveaway on its facebook, and Chuwi HIBOOK Pro for two units for free in its forum. So what are you waiting for? Only two days left, or you have to wait for next year.,


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