Best Must-Have iPhone 11 Accessories That Are Available On the Market


If you are one of the people who already purchased your latest iPhone 11, you are now probably searching for the perfect accessory to bring the most of the device. Since the new iPhone 11 was just released a couple of weeks ago, companies are still researching and creating new accessories that will match your new device.

However, there are some accessories manufacturers who came already prepared for Apple’s latest phone. In this article, we will go through some of the must-have iPhone 11 cover that you should buy in order to protect your expensive phone or highlight some of the features.

  1. Kodak and Case-Mate Kodachrome Super 8

Image source: Amazon

This is an interesting mobile cover that will give your iPhone a cool and retro look. Just because of the upgraded cameras on the latest iPhone Case-Mate has partnered with Kodak in order to release the Kodachrome case. It is available in matte black or transparent and it is a very stylish and interesting iPhone case that will definitely stand out.

  1. Kodak and Case-Mate AirPods cover

Image source: Case-mate

If you decide to buy your retro Kodak iPhone case, you should definitely get cover for your AirPods that will keep them protected from scratches and hits. The cover is designed from impact-resistant silicone rubber, which gives you grip as well as adds style to your accessory. It also has carabiner ring so you can easily clip them on your belt or bag and travel with them. It is great accessory that you should definitely buy if you have AirPods.

  1. OtterSpot Wireless Charger

Image source: OtterBox

In order to bring the most of the device capabilities, you should buy this powerful and small-sized wireless power system. Just because it is small, it can only charge one phone at a time. It is a high-quality product made from no-slip rubber that keeps your phone in one place. It has simple design with one cable and it is very portable so you can take it anywhere you like.

  1. Prop Tart by Smartish

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Just because some of the new phones are big and difficult to handle with one hand, this accessory is perfect for the job. This Prop-Tart can be attached to the backside of your iPhone and it will let you operate it with ease, take selfies while jogging, text with one hand and much more. It basically lets you have firmer grip on your precious iPhone and avoid dropping it.

  1. Wallet Case by Smartish

Image source: Amazon

Over the years we’ve seen wallet cases that are extremely thick and unpractical, especially when you have a big phone like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, with the Wallet Slayer by Smartish, we finally got thin case that can also be used as a wallet. It also adds significant protection to your iPhone with the corner air pockets that will protect your phone if it drops. This case is also wireless-charging compatible and a wide range of colorful designs.

  1. Amplify Glare Guard from OtterBox

Image source: OtterBox

This accessory is maybe the first thing you should buy for your latest iPhone 11. Even though Apple says that their new iPhone has more durable front glass, you’ll still need some extra protection in order to avoid expensive damages to your front display. OtterBox has partnered with Corning which has more than 150 years of experience in the glass making business. Amplify Glare Guard adds five times better scratch and impact protection to your display and with the glare guard you can extend your battery life by not having your phone on maximum brightness. It has thing design that does not compromise the looks of the device and it is a must-have accessory for your new iPhone 11.

These are some of the accessories that are available for the latest iPhone 11. Most of the accessories are built with safety in mind, so if you like to keep things original and like gambling with the device’s durability, you can avoid getting extra precautions.  Just because this phone is relatively new on the market, we will probably see more accessories as time passes that are designed to bring the most of the device.


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