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Even though dash cams are relatively new to the UK they are becoming increasingly popular. There are loads to choose from, though, so it’s difficult to identify the best dash cam for your needs. We’ve put together a 2 best selling top ones on the market right now.As with these techniques, dash cams come in a variety of forms. Some feature a single, forward-facing lens, while others include both forward and rear-facing cameras.

3.0 Inch Mini Car DVR Car Camera

The 1080p resolution focuses on image quality and reliability, providing important video evidence for insurance case disputes to make your car and life saver.Gravity sensing, when the car by gravity collision, the recorder will automatically lock the current video, to ensure that the evidence is not lost video, not covered, Core technology, the key moment does not leak seconds, the use of high-frequency cycle frame shooting technology to ensure smooth video does not leak seconds, Cycle video, using the new intelligent overlay technology in the memory card, space is insufficient to automatically cover the first clear video to achieve, uninterrupted loop recording, Motion detection, only recorded useful pictures, advanced motion detection function, when the lens appears moving objects, the recorder will automatically record, save your car from the situation.

5-inch FHD 1080P Dual Lens Car Camera

DUAL-LENS REARVIEW MIRROR DASH CAM: Nexgadget R series mirror dash cam has two cameras and 4.3-inch rearview anti-dazzling mirror. Excellent 1080P resolution front camera with 150°wide angle lens+ weatherproof rear cam. You can have a more comprehensive picture of drivers’ daily commutes and roadside events. Feel safer with twice the coverage, recording the road ahead as well as oncoming traffic from behind.PICTURE-IN-PICTURE DISPLAY: The large mirror display screen can display a single image with footage from one camera, or picture-in-picture display from both camera as recorded simultaneously. Thanks for the one-button switch design, you can switch the view mode quickly from either full-screen display of front /rear view or picture-in-picture display.NOTES: The screen can be turned off by short pressing the POWER button (Manually) Or it will turn itself off automatically at the time you set.ASSISTANCE WITH REVERSING/PARKING: Install the weatherproof rear-view camera above the license plate or on the rear window and use it to view surroundings while driving in reverse or parking. Furnish the rear camera as an extra pair of vigilant eyes while backing up.SAFEGUARDING YOUR VEHICLES: Built-in G-sensor is triggered by a g-force event like an impact or a sudden braking maneuver. Whenever an event is detected, the camera will automatically mark the current footage for safekeeping, and will not be overwritten in loop recording. Turn on the parking mode, the cam will come to life and start recording, files are automatically marked for safekeeping whenever an impact is detected.TIPs:1). Mirror size: 3.28″ *11.85″; 2) Rear camera cable: about 18 ft long, not recommended for trucks. 3).


These are the type you’ll want if you are worried about being rear-ended. Others feature multiple lenses capable of recording various angles or have a wide-angle lens that gets almost as much as you can see with your eyes. Some dash cams also incorporate GPS technology that comes with the benefit of being able to measure your speed.

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