BEZIOR M1 Electric Bike Offered for €666 On Cafago


On Cafago, the BEZIOR M1 Electric Bike is available for a coupon price of € 666. Although you still need to apply coupon code: TCBEM1 at the time of purchase to get it for this discount price. Bezior M1 e-bike come with a durable design and decent specifications which makes the bike admirable.

Coupon Price

BEZIOR M1 is a 27.5- inch electric bike that features a 250W motor and 12.5AH lithium battery. The embedded battery offers riders a maximum speed of 25km/h, 35 degree grade ability, and 80km cruising range. In addition, Bezior M1 e-bike is an ideal bike for short trips, shopping, commuting, and more.

Features and Specifications

In terms of design, this electric bike is constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy material that can carrier up to 120kg weight. Most users of this bike regards the front suspension system and anti-slip wheels to be one of the top specifications of this bike from Bezior.

Just like other electric bike of this caliber, it supports two ( 2 ) riding modes which are; Electric power assisted mode and Man-power cycling mode. There is a portable smart LCD screen that vividly display riding data like speed and trip distance.  Furthermore, the BEZIOR M1 e-bike features 7-speeds shifter that provide riders with precise gear change and greater terrain adaptability.

Where To Buy:

BEZIOR M1 Electric Bike is available for a coupon price of € 666 on Cafago. Apply coupon code: TCBEM1 at the time of purchase.

Buy BEZIOR M1 Electric Bike on Cafago

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