Bezior S2 Review – Folding Electric Scooter at $1199.00 From Gearbest


With the spread of ELECTRIC SCOOTERS, we have seen increasingly advanced and faster models, able to compete with electric bikes… and more! The BEZIOR S2 is the maximum expression of this evolution, a scooter capable, do you think, of exceeding 60KM / H (but pay attention to safety) without any modification, are you curious?


The new off-road electric scooter BEZIOR S2 will arrive in a package of larger dimensions (139 x 30 x 51.5 cm). However, given the size of the product itself, this is understandable. These were stopped at a value of 142 x 33 x 49 cm (in the folded state) resp. 135 x 70 x 140 cm. The weight of this product is then 41.84 kilograms, in this case, the carrying capacity is up to 120 kilograms. The robust Bezior S2 scooter has a body made of high-quality metal materials and stainless steel. The body also has increased resistance to water and dust, even with IP 54 certification. As for the power of this scooter, there is a pair of electric motors with a total power of 2400W (2 x 1200W).

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The maximum speed of this scooter stopped at a value of up to 65 km / h. The manufacturer also states the possibility of rising / falling, however, at a maximum angle of 45 degrees. The optimal height of the passenger should be within 2 meters. There is also an integrated seat and 11 ″ wheels with disc brakes. The front LED light helps when driving in the dark and the integrated 21 Ah battery provides endurance of up to 60 kilometers, depending on the mode. The packaging of this BEZIOR S2 contains, in addition to the scooter itself in the folded state, also a specific 48V / 1.5A charger, a universal key for tightening the individual parts, and also brief instructions for use in paper form.


The BEZIOR S2 is an electric scooter that can be a great choice even for those who have so far been deterred from buying a similar device by the maximum load capacity of about 120 kg or even the price. We can buy it from Gearbest at $1199.00 in Flash Sale.


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