BEZIOR XF005 Review – Dual-Motor Electric Bicycle at $2,359.99 From Banggood


The BEZIOR XF005 is a remarkable electric bicycle that has captured the attention of cycling enthusiasts all around the world. This e-bike is equipped with dual motors, making it one of the most powerful bicycles on the market. With its sleek and stylish design, the BEZIOR XF005 not only looks good but also provides an unparalleled riding experience. This bike is perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of electric cycling without compromising on style or performance. If you’re looking for a high-quality electric bicycle, the BEZIOR XF005 is definitely worth considering, and you can buy it at the lowest price from Banggood.


The BEZIOR XF005 is a high-performance electric bicycle that is designed for a maximum payload of 130kg. It features a lightweight aluminum alloy shell that ensures durability and long-lasting performance. With its 20-inch aluminum suspension fork wheels, the XF005 is capable of taking on different types of terrain with ease. The bicycle also boasts of a professional ergonomic design that provides the rider with a comfortable experience, even on long rides. Additionally, the XF005 comes with a long-range bright light that helps to enhance safety when riding in the dark. However, it is important to note that this bicycle is not recommended for riding in the rain or under wet conditions, as it has an IP65 rating.

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The BEZIOR XF005 electric bike is a powerful and efficient transportation solution for riders. With 500W*2 front and rear motors, the bike delivers a fast power output that amplifies torque and improves energy efficiency conversion rate. This leads to reduced energy consumption and silent energy consumption while increasing cruising range and speed performance. The bike is equipped with a high-capacity, waterproof battery that provides strong electric power.

The 36V-6.4Ah and 36V-16Ah batteries can be switched freely in electric outputs and support a mileage of about 80KM in electric-assisted mode. The Shimano 7-speed shifting system, customized aluminum alloy crank 52T gear wheel, and front and rear 7 levels; sis positioning, and durable 7-speed greatly improve the fun of riding. The removable battery can be charged at home or anywhere and is completely hidden inside the frame, waterproof and dustproof. The bike also includes an LCD display for cycling data viewing and an integrated switch for added convenience.


In conclusion, the BEZIOR XF005 electric bicycle is a great option for adults and teenagers; who want to enjoy the fun and convenience of an electric bike. With its powerful motor and long battery life, you can enjoy long rides without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, the bike’s sturdy construction ensures a safe and comfortable ride. At a price of $2,359.99 in the flash sale on Banggood, it’s an excellent value for the quality and features it offers. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and enjoyable electric bike, the BEZIOR XF005 is definitely worth considering.


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