Big News! Xiaomi MI6 Will Feature its Own Processor Coming in March


Xiaomi has claimed that they will not attend MWC at the end of this month, so we will wait until March to see the real new product, and previously, Xiaomi Co-founder, Li WanQiang once said they will have amazing product in March. Will it be Xiaomi MI6?

Right now according to Wall Street Journal, Xiaomi will release a new important smartphone next month. It will use its own Pinecone processor, and this smartphone should be Xiaomi MI6 rumored a lot before. In this report, it mentions that Xiaomi has big hope for Pinecone. They will develop high-end, mid-range, low-end processor to support its own product line. So they can reduce the dependence from the Qualcomm and Mediatek. Meanwhile, they can control the cost better, and produce their phone faster.

According to Xiaomi position, if Xiaomi MI6 really is powered by Pinecone processor, it should be flagship one. Previously, Xiaomi has prepared two Pinecone processor, one is for high-end market, V970, 4 Cortex-a73 and 4 Cortex A53, 2.7Ghz Big core, 2.0GHz small core. Meanwhile, it comes with Mali G71 MP12GPU, 900MHz.

In addition, Pinecone V970 uses the same 10nm as Snapdragon 835 processor, produced by Samsung. If the news is correct, the new flagship processor will come out faster which makes us surprised.

It’s worthwhile to mention that Pinecone V670 will be first used on Xiaomi MI5C, finished by Xiaomi and Leadcore, using 4 Cortex-A53 big core and 4 Cortex A53 small core, equipped with MaliT860 MP4 GPU, 800MHz. It uses 28nm craftsmanship, produced by SMIC.

According to previous news, Xiaomi MI6 flip screen version will use RAM 4GB, curved screen version will use RAM 6GB, built in at least 3,000mAh battery. It is said it will be built in 12MP camera with IMX362 sensor, running Android7.0 OS, it will have ROM 128GB/256GB two versions available, selling at least 999 yuan, $160. So do you expect Xiaomi smartphone with its own processor?

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