Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone: Front Clear Photo: Snapdragon 855, Liquid Cooling 3.0, Non-Shaped Screen Screen


Xiaomi invested in the Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone will be released on March 18, has already exposed some Black Shark 2 mobile phone configuration, such as carrying the Snapdragon 855 processor, 12GB of memory. Today, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun exposed the front of the black shark game mobile phone 2 on Weibo and said that it will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor, liquid cooling 3.0 system, equipped with a non-shaped screen, sports car shape.

  • Lei Jun exposed several key highlights of the Black Shark game phone 2:
  • Snapdragon 855 liquid cooling 3.0, non-shaped screen + sports car shape;
  • Key points: Comparing the touch of the iPhone, the two fingers change to four fingers, the four fingers change to six fingers, and the operation of the gods in minutes;
  • Independent image processing chip takes full DC dimming;
  • There is also a host mode, a handheld mode, and the Black Shark 2 is completely game console.
  • At the press conference on March 18th (Monday), there are still big moves to be released.

it is reported that Black Shark 2 not only carries the annual flagship chip but also customizes the e-sports battery. By optimizing the battery core system and improving the charge and discharge algorithm, the battery charge and discharge times are increased by 60%.

In addition to the innovation of the battery, the black shark will soon release liquid cooling 3.0 technology, namely the tower-wide global liquid cooling system.

The Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone will be held in Beijing on March 18th with the slogan “Still and mad”. According to 3C certification, this phone comes standard with a 27W charger (MDY-10-EH). The top of the new black shark will be the 855+12GB memory of the Snapdragon and will add new features like the Millet Game Turbo. As for the shape, the chin is about 5mm (the millet 9 is 3.6mm).

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