Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone Released: Snapdragon 855 With 12G Memory


On the evening of March 18, the Black Shark 2 was officially released in Beijing. 

In terms of shape design, the Black Shark 2 has a matte metal and glass material on the back, a three-dimensional ergonomic “X” configuration; at the same time, the back colorful breathing light and double waistline light belt continue.

The front is a 6.39-inch symmetrical non-shaped full-screen screen with 2.15mm left and right borders and 6.76mm upper and lower borders. Both look and feel, the official said that the width of the border also enables the speaker to be placed on the front.

In terms of hardware, Black Shark 2 built Snapdragon 855 chip, supplemented by liquid cooling 3.0 technology; Samsung AMOLED screen has 240Hz touch report rate (response delay is 43.5 milliseconds minimum), full DC dimming does not hurt eyes (especially Low brightness), four-channel light source sensor, AI shock, 4000mAh battery (1.6 times higher charge life), 27W high voltage fast charge.

Light-sensitive screen fingerprint, rear 48MP + 12MP AI dual camera, support 10x zoom (2x optical zoom), front 20 million self-timer lens.

In terms of game features, Black Shark 2 is equipped with a tower-wide six-layer cooling system with oversized liquid cooling components; 4G and Wi-Fi side antennas; front stereo dual speakers, game-specific Mic dual half screen pressure Magic Press supports 7-speed sensitivity adjustment. According to the official introduction, if the pressure is set to shoot, it can save 70ms compared with clicking.

Due to the new host mode, console mode, anchor mode, and roast chicken mode (full performance), Black Shark also brings dual-wing handles, handle brackets, Type-C/HDMI patch cords, and dual rail protection shells. , liquid cold back clip.

This year’s Black Shark 2 has three colors, namely dark night, fantasy blue, frozen silver, on-site, CEO Wu Shimin also personally gave the first ice of the production line to Lei Jun.

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Among them, 6+128GB price 3199 yuan ($476.54), 8+128GB 3499 yuan ($521.23) (the first two are only black), in addition, 8+256GB 3799 yuan ($565.92), 12+256GB 4199 yuan ($625.50). Black Shark 2 will open for pre-sale at 22:00 tonight and will be sold on March 22.

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