Black Shark Snapdragon 8 + New Machine Revealed


Various new Snapdragon 8 + phones have been released one after another, but Black Shark has not released Snapdragon 8 + phone until now, and there is no official news. Now some bloggers say that Black Shark’s Snapdragon 8 + phone may be redone to replace the core.

According to, Black Shark’s Snapdragon 8 + engineering machine previously had a 2K flexible straight screen, but has since been axed and replaced with a 1080P resolution, 4790mAh battery capacity, and a new dual-core megawatt solution. The rear has a 64 megapixel IMX686+13 megapixel + 2 megapixel triple camera and a 16 megapixel front camera.

According to the blogger, there is a high probability that the Black Shark phone will be overhauled and replaced with a new processor, or become a second flagship next year.

On June 29, the same blogger said that Black Shark is working on a new phone with a 6.67-inch FHD+OLED super brush centered single hole screen, 64 megapixel / 108 megapixel matrix in the back, Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, and new SSD technology. It supports 120W quick charge, 4790mah-min battery capacity,  pressure sensing screen, X-axis motor, and symmetrical dual speakers. But at that time, the blogger also said that because of the upcoming release of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, the new Black Shark phone may not launch. Combined with today’s news, it is highly unlikely that this phone will appear in the near future.

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In March this year, three mobile phones, Black Shark 5, Black Shark 5 Pro and Black Shark 5 RS, were released. In terms of the storage system combined with SoC, Black Shark 5 Pro is equipped with disk array system 2.0. By adding a solid-state disk (SSD) and UFS3.1 flash disk (UFS3.1 flash disk), the team is coordinated. Optimize the sequence and random read and write capabilities of the RAID disk system architecture. The read performance of disk array system 2.0 is improved by 124.5% and the write performance is improved by 83%.


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