BlackBerry Monet Will Continue to Use Snapdragon 660 Processor


According to CrackBerry, a new BlackBerry smartphone could be on the way. This according to the code discovered in certain files that contain suggestions about a device with the code name of “Monet“, and a model number BBJ100. In addition, it is believed that this phone will have two variants. One that is a unique SIM model and an international version with dual SIM capabilities.

Today, an insider Mukul Sharma, known as @stufflistings, who published a portion of the details about the new BlackBerry smartphone on his page on the social network Twitter.

In fact, there is not much information yet. It is known that the device passes under the code name Monet, the smartphone will be built on the basis of the single-chip system Snapdragon 660, and the capacity of flash memory will be 128GB.

Twitter users jokingly add that the BlackBerry Monet will cost like modern smartphones based on the Snapdragon 855, “because this is the BlackBerry.”

It should be remembered that BlackBerry no longer manufactures its own phones but gives the software license and name to different manufacturers. For example, KEYOne and KEY2 are both produced by TCL in China, while BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X are manufactured by India Optiemus Infracom.

Finally, according to data, BlackBerry had an average of 25% share in the US smartphone market during the past year, which is not too bad either.

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