Blackview A7 Stylish Budget Smartphone in Flash Sale For Just $44.99 at @CAFAGO (Coupon Inside)


Blackview A7 – stylish budget smartphone A-series from the company Blackview. A practical device perfectly copes with its functional duties. A7 is equally convenient for making calls, correspondence, using navigation, watching videos, games and other standard tasks. With A7, you can take excellent shots, surf the Web or hang in an online chat. Qualitative assembly, thoughtful design, and practicality are perfectly complemented by the availability of a smartphone for a wide range of users.

Lightweight, sleek body Blackview A7 in combination with a special decorative edging create a stylish design of the smartphone. Metallic shades of gray, flowing contours and elegant back panel design add a blend of impeccability and brilliance to the device. The shape of the case allows the device to lie in your palm with the best comfort.

Blackview A7 received a 5-inch IPS screen with HD resolution. The screen’s screen is curved according to 2.5D technology, which creates the effect of lack of side frames. At the same time, the display of the smartphone demonstrates a bright, enhanced color gamut. And thanks to the “smart” adjustment function, the image quality on the screen remains high even in bright sunlight.

The ideal aspect ratio of the Blackview A7 16: 9 display allows you to see a large 1280×720 picture with rich colors and clear lines. Compared to LCD screens, the HD image is more stable, which has a positive effect on its quality. A7 received a basic dual camera Samsung S5K4E2 + GC0310 5 megapixels with aperture F / 2.4, which, according to your desire, accurately captures any moments of your life. The face recognition function is also available. And for fans of video communication and selfie on the front side of the smartphone provides a camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels. The beautifying function will allow you to make excellent selfies, concealing lighting deficiencies and improving the overall look of the face in the photo.

For the speed and performance of the smartphone of this model meet the 4-core processor MT6580A 1.3 GHz and the operating system Android 7.0. Technical characteristics of the smartphone allow you to play heavy games and watch HD-video without hanging and braking. 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory allow you to load and run more applications, improving your experience with the device.

A7 is equipped with a battery for 2800 mAh, which has a high efficiency of charging. Thanks to the capacity of the A7 battery, you can use your smartphone continuously, for a whole day. But even after dense work with calls, chat, camera and other functions, you still have a significant amount of charge. The built-in microphone significantly improves the quality of the transmitted sound and meets the requirements of all voice applications.

The operating system of the Android 7.0 smartphone significantly improves the performance of the A7. The installation speed is increased to 75%. This increases the level of security, and the amount of space occupied by the CPU is reduced by 50%. you can Buy Blackview A7 From CAFAGO at $44.99 /€37.81 Use Coupon Code: BV0099 During Oct 7th to Oct 15th


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