Blackview A80 Pro Appeared In a Render With Quad Camera and 3 Color Variants


It is clear that now all manufacturers have gone crazy for the photographic section of the terminals, and that is very good news for users, and that is that even Blackview itself has taken a break with the rugged Smartphone and is preparing the announcement of the Blackview A80 Pro, a terminal that they will try to sell as a cheaply priced terminal but with an above-average camera.

Today, the head of the Blackview brand has posted on Facebook an image of the upcoming A80 Pro smartphone. Judging by the banner, the device will receive the main camera module with four sensors in the upper left corner of the case and a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. According to reports, the gadget will debut in black and red cases, as well as in an unnamed version, information about which is not yet available.

So far the information that has been provided, having to wait to know the hardware (which will be basic) and of course, most importantly, the sensors used, which will be the only thing that will highlight the device.

The Blackview A80 Pro may be introduced later this month. Since the brand is known for models in protected cases, the novelty will also allegedly receive an “armored” version that meets one of the popular IP standards or military MIL-STD-810.

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