Blackview Introduced BV9800 Series: World First Thermal Camera Rugged Phone


The Blackview rugged cellphone model, whose fundamental attraction is its nice resistance to excessive circumstances, lastly launches its newest mannequin. The Blackview BV 9800 Professional arrives at Kickstarter and the quickest can get it With a succulent low cost and free equipment. Seven days after its debut, it has attracted more than 800 backers, who have helped fund over $340,000, 2680% over expected funding. This number reveals the popularity of BV9800/BV9800 Pro.

The Sony®48MP rear camera on BV9800/BV9800 Pro offers more power, robustness, and control than typical DSLR models. It’s great for shooting tricky subjects like sports or wildlife. And its robustness and weather proofness (IP68&IP69K&MIL-STD-810G certified) make sure that you can focus on the photography. A FLIR® Lepton® thermal imaging camera and a 5MP camera to provide FLIR MSX®, which lets users see and measure heat. This function is very useful for outdoor adventures. The BV9800 has a 120° ultra-wide 16MP camera for the landscape photos and macro shots, and a 5MP depth camera for the bokeh effect, which is normally available for professional photographers.

It even won’t be disturbed by the low night environment. It equips with night shot mode so it’s able to track low-light and night time photography effortlessly, and present incredible images in every setting even when daylight fades and night draws in. For wide animal photographers, you will find BV9800 Pro even more useful. With a thermal imaging camera, BV9800 Pro helps you easily spot animals in the grass when their color is similar to the surrounding background.

For hikers, jungle adventurers, navigation is extremely important for survival. BV9800/BV9800 Pro won’t let you down. It provides you with precise positioning all the time with the GPS&GLONASS&BEIDOU navigation system. Assisted with the air pressure detection sensor, you can get the exact altitude. BV9800/BV9800 Pro can service you for a long time for it’s powered by a 6580mAh large battery with a standby time of 35 days. In any adventure, BV9800/BV9800 Pro can be your reliable partner you can rely on.

With IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810G certifications, this rugged outdoor smartphone is proven to be strong, durable, and reliable. The BV9800/BV9800 Pro is a mighty rugged outdoor phone with so many useful functions. It almost replaces your camera, compass, barometer, waterproof phone bag. Pack one phone, you can start your minimalist, exciting adventure!

if you want to check out the official Kickstarter Campaign Click here right now.


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