BlitzWolf BW-BS4 Selfie Stick Review: Comes with Extended Multi-angle Rotation Bluetooth Tripod for Smartphones


The new form of the generally welcomed BW-BS3 is an exceptionally movable 3-in-1 Bluetooth since quite a while ago expanded tripod selfie stick for many different smartphones you just need to connect and capture the best moments. it has the name as the BlitzWolf BW-BS4, the super long selfie stick is right now up for preorder on Banggood.


The design of this stick is really beautiful and comes with the best-made material.  BW-BS4 selfie stick’s unique approaching cost for a constrained timeframe. We should head straight into the points of interest.The BW-BS4 is a perfect selfie stick with regards to taking self-pictures as it is furnished with a handle mode. It includes a tripod mode which is ideal for recording recordings and making a live show.


BlitzWolf BW-BS4 is coming with many different features it has the On account of its multi-point turn include, you can rapidly modify the edge of the BW-BS4 to coordinate various shooting styles and encompassing. Its rotatable cell phone mount gives you a chance to switch amongst level and vertical positions.The profoundly smaller selfie stick gloats 810mm broadened length and accompanies an agreeable handle. The client gets a generally bigger grasp region and greater solidness with the BW-BS4 selfie stick. Moreover, it has a Bluetooth-empowered smaller than normal remote. The effectively removable and rechargeable remote draws its juices from a 65mAh high limit battery that conveys 40 working hours and 50,000 selfies per charge.


BlitzWolf BW-BS4 is the another best stick which lies between many features and best design. you can easily buy this from Banggood with a reasonable cost of $17.99.( limited for 27pcs now at only )


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