BlitzWolf BW-FLB3 Review – Gaming TWS with Detachable Microphone at $41.99 From Banggood


The BlitzWolf brand has gained a lot of fans around the world thanks to innovative products which, however, keep the price reasonably low. Only recently has it introduced another novelty called BlitzWolf BW-FLB3. These are wireless gaming headphones that will captivate with their futuristic design and a pluggable microphone.

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With a futuristic circuit-like appearance, the BlitzWolf BW-FLB3 case can glow in RGB colors. The storage case has a capacity of 500mAh, which can be powered via a USB Type-C port. It helps with a beautiful design that looks like Cyberpunk RGB lighting the whole charging case. Thanks to this colored lighting, these headphones stand out even more from other competitors. The manufacturer also thought about comfort when playing games for a long time and adapted the design of the structure accordingly. The headphones are very comfortable even during a few hours of playing and do not press into your ears.

The highlight of these headphones is the removable HD microphone. When listening to music you can put it down very easily, and when playing, just slide it back. The microphone will also ensure perfectly clear voice transmission while playing games.


BlitzWolf BW-FLB3 has only a very good delay of 0.04 seconds. This value is sure to please any online gamer. The headphones also have Bluetooth version 5.0, which contributes to better endurance while playing, as well as minimal audio response. It will take care of quality and clear sound with all details. Large 13 mm dynamic driver. I can handle headphones for 3-5 hours to play music or play games. The case has a capacity of 500 mAh and the charging time of the headphones is in it. Clock 1.5. This, too, will appeal to the USB-C charging connector, which increasingly began to appear in this price category. The BlitzWolf BW-FLB3 headphones can be easily operated by touch. There are also many touch gestures, such as starting/pausing music, adjusting the volume, answering/rejecting calls, switching between songs. You will also enjoy the option to include a special game mode offer.


The case on the outside has an RGB LED wreath, because it is also Gaming, and if you do not damage the battery in bulbs you do not work, and on the inside, you will find the slots for the headphones, a charging display, plus something … extra. We can buy BlitzWolf BW-FLB3 From Banggood at $41.99 in Flash Sale.

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