BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review – Portable LCD Projector at $74.99 From Banggood (130 Pcs Limited)


BlitzWolf is a progressive Chinese brand of a well-known retailer Banggood, with which they strive to bring cheap products in good quality as a competitor. Their BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Projector supports 720p resolution, has good brightness, projects up to 30-120″ images, can also play from USB and has a rich interface. The biggest advantage, however, is the possibility of projection using a smartphone by cable but also wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth. It also includes a dual-band Wi-Fi connection.

Buy BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Projector From Banggood


The BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Projector has a clean white design with focus controls on the top, interfaces, and connectors on the back. That’s basically the whole thing. Dimensions are 165 x 170 x 155mm and weight 1200g. It can be installed on the stand from below and from above, or just placed on the table. It also contains its own 3W 2x speakers and has a power of 110W. The BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Projector can handle up to 720p resolution. This demonstrates the capability of its hardware, but in the end, only the output is Full HD resolution, ie 1080p. However, the advantage is that it understands the H.265 codec.

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The value of 3800 Lumens means a real brightness, thanks to which you will see everything clearly. The contrast is 1000:1. Within projectors, this is already a real brightness, so it will not be a problem to project even in more light. There is also a rich interface on the back. Includes 1 x AV, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x VGA, 1x Audio, 1 x RJ45. It is from the USB port that it is possible to play via a standard cable directly from the phone, for example, a presentation at a meeting. The size of the projected area differs from the position of the projector. It can create a maximum of 300-inch screen size, the smallest is 50-inch. The distance of the projector from the wall should be from 1m – 8 meters.


Currently, the BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Projector – is one of the best Native 1080P budget options, both in its price and its technical characteristics. The quality of the projection image even on a large screen up to 300 inches will have a good and rich picture at the maximum value of contrast and brightness. We can buy it from Banggood at $74.99 in Flash Sale For 130Pcs Limited.

Buy BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Projector From Banggood


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