BlitzWolf BW-VR3 3D VR Headset : A Must Buy VR Review


The concept of VR first given a worldwide platform by Oculus and was then eventually picked up by giants of the tech viz. Samsung, Facebook, Google. Google Inc also went ahead and proposed a whole new software called Daydream for exclusive VR content creation, distribution and consumption. They have also integrated it in Android OS confirming its popularity, today we have the BlitzWolf BW-VR3 3D VR Headset.

The VR has a removable plastic cover, which when removed reveals openings for your smartphone camera and a heat dissipating grill. The VR headset has a sturdy headstrap which is not just a strap around the main body of the VR, but is a solid ABS material with a hardened ring shape. This VR has an improved soft artificial perforated leather around the area which contacts your face and headband to make sure it is comfortable to wear. Further again a common problem with VRs is that the smartphone buttons get clicked unintentionally, The rubber pads in the phone clamp prevents smartphone side buttons being unintentionally clicked . Overall it has great appeal to it and made of some exquisite material.

The specifications of the VR are also quite attractive, the headset is equipped with 42mm Mitsubishi PMMA Aspherical Lenses with an 8-layer nano-coating that has been polished 5 times so that you feel you are sitting in an theatre and also the whole 3D experience just got very real with this headset. The VR headset has some useful features such as it can be used without glasses if your eye focus is below 500 degrees. It has 108º of FOV and can house smartphones of sizes 3.5″ – 6.3″.

The BlitzWolf BW-VR3 3D VR Headset provides a comprehensive set of specs and a gorgeous design to go with it. Further it offers to accommodate a variety of smartphone sizes with a magnetically attached back cover. This VR is available here at and can be purchased for as low as $20.99. At this price point this is one of the best budget VR out there. You can use coupon code:  DONCU7 to grab it at $19.73.


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