Blockchain influence on the casino industry 2021


face of Bitcoin gambling in 2021

Without any doubt, the face of Bitcoin gambling in 2020 is TRON, EOS, and Ethereum. From the first quartal of 2020, Ethereum transactions surged by almost 40% in comparison to the last year. Only using these cryptocurrencies, players spend around $10 million a day by making bets, playing slots, participating in poker games, blackjack, rolling dice, and spending their time in other gambling authorities. Taking into account that the global gambling market exceeds $50 billion, it may sound a bit unclear why bitcoin gambling is such a big deal with its $10 million transactions per day. However, we are only at the beginning of a new era of  Bitcoin casino.

VR – future development of bitcoin gambling

Live dealer games are trendy in any bitcoin casino USA. It helps players feel like they are in a real casino. Virtualization solutions for VR Tech are increasingly being developed – into games with live dealers. American Golden Nugget is offering online roulette with a dealer in New Jersey this year – right from the casino floor instead of the usual virtual casino studio.
With consoles such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation, VR Tech is now the norm in the global gaming industry. Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard are good choices for simple games with less visualization and more movement in space. The Oculus Go and Daydream standalone headsets, which premiered in 2018, are driving the trend towards better standalone headsets that don’t require a connection to PCs or smartphones (and they can integrate not only for arcade games or shooters but also with the gambling field).

The Benefits of Blockchain Gambling Technology

The blockchain hype has died down long ago, but the technology continues to spread more and more, especially in the areas related to money and digital identity. But the advantages of blockchain and smart contracts have already gone beyond fintech, they are also being used in other industries. Key features of the blockchain are interesting for gambling companies as well. What does this technology give and what problems can it solve to play online bitcoin casino more convenient?
• Security and fair play guarantees. The technology allows you to anonymously record user actions and game results, while the data cannot be faked or altered in any way.
• Provide anonymous access to gambling resources. A blockchain-based crypto casino guarantees players that personal information about them will not be shared.
• Transaction speed. Clients of resources on the blockchain can withdraw and deposit funds to the account without waiting for several days.
• Low fees. Most blockchain casinos have the lowest deposit and withdrawal fees in the industry.
• The possibility to offer more bonuses or bitcoin casino free spins for its players.
Such advantages make the casino more attractive to customers, and the operation of the platform – fast and maximally protected from possible outside interference and fraud. Blockchain can solve such gambling problems as a lack of transparency, speed of payments, and high barriers to entry for new players.

Final Words
All in all, blockchain gambling technology is now evolving as fast as ever. Most people assume that the gambling industry will eventually fall under the pressure of the advantages of using cryptocurrencies. All we have to do is wait.


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