Bluboo R1 Will Be First Phone with Wireless Charging Feature


Bluboo has leaked that they will release a rugged smartphone called Bluboo R1 in Mid-January. Right now there is more news about Bluboo R1, as a rugged smartphone, it not only has good quality, high power suitable for outdoor sports.

So how is Bluboo R1 feature? It’s the first rugged smartphone of Bluboo to support wireless charging. Besides, it also has a standard USB port for normal wire charging. And it will have a high battery capacity and NFC function.

Right now we just got these information about Bluboo R1, we are also curious about its hardware, most rugged smartphones have high-end specs which can not only become the best android smartphone but also a superior tri-proof device for outdoor activities.  As for Bluboo R1 release date, it should be released in the next few months. Stay tuned.


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